5) ISP Programmer Module


The next step is to build something that you can program your AVR with. So, I decided to build the ISP Programmer Module next. This module is simply a conversion from the 1x9 pin connectors to the standard 2x3 ISP connector used with the AVR-ISP MKII programmer. There's no reason this couldn't be modified to have the 10 pin 2x5 connector used with other (older?) programmers.


There is one oddity with this module. If you take a look at the pins required for the ISP connection, you'll notice that all but one pin is available in the "D" quadrant of the baseboard (SCK, MISO, MOSI, VCC, and GND). The only pin that is not in quadrant D is the Reset pin, which is in quadrant A. Argh! I don't want to build a full sized module just for ISP!


My compromise is this. I connected a length of wire to the Reset pin of the ISP connector, then stripped the other end of the wire. This way, I can plug in the module and then plug the Reset wire into the Reset female header in quadrant A. Reading that description, I don't think that was terribly clear...easy concept, hard to explain, I guess. The picture will clear it up.


I'm not terribly concerned with this departure from the standard way of connecting things because the ISP Module probably won't be on the finished project once it's been programmed anyway.


ISP Programmer Module Schematic


ISP Programmer Module Layout


Finished ISP Programmer Module

Note: I had to jumper a couple traces because I got them backwards in the first revision of the board. DOH!


ISP Programmer Module and Power Supply Module Installed on the Baseboard

(The module is crooked because of the crappy soldering job I did on that module...don't laugh!)



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