3 - SRF05

Here we abandon all the infra red sensors in favour of a single Devantech SRF-05 sonar mounted on the front servo so that it can pan left and right. Much better result !!



Connect the sonar to pin C0 - using the +5v regulated supply


The servos should be connected to the un-regulated supply as follows:-

Connect the servo that moves the sonar to D4

Connect the left drive servo to  D2

Connect the right drive servo to D3


If you want to use the micro-switches then connect the left one to C2, and the right one to C3.


The C++ source code can be downloaded here. You may need to change the makefile so that 'MCU_TARGET' is for your cpu, and 'F_CPU' is the speed of your cpu. You will also need to rebuild the C++ library by changing the makefile in the root folder of the library to have the same settings.


Sonar-ATMega8-1MHz.hex12.45 KB
Sonar-ATMega8-8MHz.hex12.47 KB
Sonar-ATMega168-8MHz.hex13.38 KB