2.1 Hacking into the RC Transmitter

 So earlier, in Part 1, we hacked the RC Receiver and modified it to suit our needs. Now, though we are going to control our robot through the computer. This means that we will be hacking into our remote's transmitter, so we can electronically send signals to it through a microcontroller.

I warn you that after tampering with the remote of your car, you MAY OR MAY NOT be able to use it as a remote again. If you follow instructions carefully, there may be a chance that you can use it as is later.


First, remove the battery cover and take out any batteries remaining in the compartment. Then unscrew the four screws holding the covers of the receiver together.

Unscrewing the back cover



Remove the cover and cut the power wires as close as you can to the battery holder.

Cutting the power wires



Now remove the four screws holding down the circuit board. Gently pull it out.

Unscrewing the circuit board



Can you see the contacts where the signal is sent? Scratch some of the insulation covering the PCB on the area where the signal is produced. Don't scratch the center bit!


Scratching the copper trace.

Solder wires on the exposed copper traces, and reassemble the casing with the wires sticking out of the top.

Wires soldered on and casing re-attached.

You're done hacking!