3.1 Constructing an MCU Board

Now, we begin transforming our RC Robot into something that is teleoperated. In a sense, some would argue with me, saying this robot is indeed not truly teleoperated, yet just an advanced form of remote control. I respectfully disagree =P A teleoperational robot is one where a basic Radio signal is interpretted by the robot's micro-computer, which commands the robot to do more complex/larger tasks that would be more difficult for a single human alone. For more info, Check out the Radio Control Tutorial on the mainpage.


Because I wanted to limit myself to supplies I already had, I decided to make a $50 Robot like board using the PIC16F684. Of course, the pin-count is smaller, but general principles remain the same, like the pin headers for the servos and sensors, and the power regulation circuit. If the programmer you own requires a header then just add it as necessary. You can also use the actual $50 Robot board if you please.

I'll also do an example using the Axon MCU, since it is an incredibly flexible robot microcontroller platform and has plenty of open source code.


Since the $50 Robot is so well documented, I decided just to show you my final product with a couple clarifications.