3. Mounting the Batteries and Scanning Sonar Sensor

You will need the following parts:
1. 4 AA Battery Holder (BUY NOW)
2. Screws and nuts left over from the caster kit
3. Two 1/2" #8-32 screws and nuts (BUY NOW)
4. Two 1 1/2: #8-32 screws and nuts (BUY NOW)
4. One Servo Sensor Mount (BUY NOW)
5. Parallax PING Ultrasonic Sensor (BUY NOW)
6. HS-311 Servo (BUY NOW)
1. Take your battery holder and widen the mounting hole with a 1/8" bit.
2. Your battery holder should look like this :
3. Now mount the battery holder using the two screws and nuts left over from the casters.
4. Put nuts on the screws to fasten the battery holder to the plexiglass. Tighten the nuts with needlenose pliers.
5. Mount the Paralax PING ultrasonic sensor to the servo sensor mount and then mount the sensor mount to the servo.
6. Now take two 1 1/2" #8 -32 screws and put them in the corner of the servo as pictured.
7. Now mount the servo to the plexiglass with the screws. Tighten the screws with #8 nuts also.
8. Now your robot actually looks like a robot!!!
9. Just one more step to go . Mount the sensor mount using two 1/2" #8-32 screws and two #8 nuts.Tighten the nuts with pliers.