2 - Installation

Create a new folder (I'll assume it is called 'c:/SoR/C++') and unzip the C++.zip file to this folder making sure that your unzip utility is set to create the sub folders.

You should find that the following are created:

  • c:/SoR/C++  - Contains the 'makefile' for building the library from scratch
  • c:/SoR/C++/src - This contains the source code for the library
  • c:/SoR/C++/bin - This folder contains all the files that you need in order to access the library from your own project. So you dont need to copy the files to every new project you create.


I have already compiled the library for you ( c:/SoR/C++/bin/cpplib.a ) so if you don't want to modify the library code then you dont need to do anything and can go to the next page to look at the $50 Robot Photovore code. Assuming you just want to try stuff out then just go to the next page now.




If you decide to change or add to the library then you can rebuild it by launching a DOS command prompt and typing :


CD c:/SoR/C++


To clean out all of the temporary files and force a recompile of the library then type:-

make clean


If you have just changed some of *.cpp or *.hpp file then you can recompile the library by typing:-