That's all I have time for right now. I will post additional modules in the near future. These are:


Currently Designed:

  • Analog Sensor Bus Module
  • Small Dual Motor Driver Module
  • Large Dual Motor Driver Module
  • I2C Bus Module with Pull-Up Resistors
  • DS1621 Temperature Sensor Module
  • Max233CPP Serial Module
  • Real Time Clock (DS-something, I forget ATM) Module
  • Smaller Regulated Power Module (100mA max and no fuse)

On the Drawing Board:

  • Digital I/O Bus Module (for LEDs, PhotoCells, Servos, etc.)
  • LCD Driver Module
  • Another, smaller Amp, Motor Driver Board


I also plan on posting code samples with these modules so, if you build them, you can get them up and running quickly.