3.3 - 2 Amp DC motor controller, up to 50v

This circuit is similar to the previous ones.

It uses the tri-state switch to control speed, direction, and braking.

Schottky output diodes are used that match the current and voltage for your motors.

The only 'real' difference compared with the 1 amp circuit is that we using an L298 rather than one of the L293 series. The L298 lends itself to mounting a heatsink, due to the higher current, but is a bit of a swine to solder onto strip board or matrix board and is more designed for PCBs. It uses a 'Mulitwatt 15' package - and comes with two strips of pins each using a standard 0.1" pin separation. But the problem is that the second bank of pins is offset by 0.05". So if you are using strip/matrix board then you will need to be very carefull when bending one set of pins to fit.


This requires one tri-state switch per motor;

one L298N for every two motors. The L298N costs about $3.57

four diodes per motor at about 50 cents per diode.

So about $11 in total - for driving two motors





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