This class is used to log character data to any kind of display device and is often used for debugging purposes.

void put(char c);                  // Output a character to the log.

void crlf();                          // Move down to the next line

void putStr(const char *str); // Output a string

void putHexDigit(uint8_t data); // Output the number (0..15) as one hex digit

void putHex(uint8_t data);     // Output number as two hex digits

void putHex(uint16_t data);   // Output number as four hex digits

void putHex(uint32_t data);   // Output number as eight hex digits


// Output a value, as a given number of digits, in base x, signed/unsigned, with a given padding character

void putNumber(int32_t value, uint8_t numDigits, uint8_t base=10, bool isSigned=true, char padchar=' ') ;