3 - Software

Here is a load of software the EZ-CD. For each example I have included, wherever possible, various attachments. These will take the form:

nnnnn-c-src.zip      For the C source code

nnnnn-cpp-src.zip.  For the C++ source code to use with my C++ tutorial


nnnnn-ATxxx-yy.hex         Pre-compiled hex files that you can just upload straight to your controller without any compiler stage



nnnnn - The name of the project

xxx     - The AVR processor eg Mega8, Mega168

yy      - The processor speed where 01=1MHz, 08=8MHz.


If you are having trouble with the servos then it may that your servos aren't quite centered in the same way as mine. For the C++ source code you change the wat the servos are centered as follows:-

1. Locate the line that creates the servo. e.g. something like: SERVO  g_servoLeft( &g_servoLeftOut , true , 1500, 300);

2. The last 2 parameters specify the 'center point' and the amount of 'swing' either side of 'center'. So if you change the last value to zero as follows: SERVO  g_servoLeft( &g_servoLeftOut , true , 1500, 0) then the servo will always try to center itself. Change the '1500' value until the servo stops spinning - this parameter is now correct. Now play with the last value to get the maximum amount of swing out of your servo - this should be somewhere in the range 300 to 700.



So here are the examples:-