1.2 Explanation and Safety

PART 1 Explanation

I should give you a brief explanation of the method behind Part 1. Basically, we are going to remove the RC receiver from a cheap micro RC car (a ZipZap) and transform it into a decent RC Receiver to connect to the drive motors of this robot. The idea is that the outputs from the Receiver are strong enough (since it has built-in motor drivers and because we use two AA batteries to power it) to drive two gear motors that will allow use to move a small robot platform for surveillance. We will be building the Chassis of this robot. Then attach a wireless camera to it and Voila! Instant RC Surveillance at a very low cost of ~$45 (plus the camera you are going to use).


PART 2 Explanation

Now we go a little more indepth into the robotics Arena as we work on making the robot controllable by a microcontroller (or a computer, depending on how you create the circuit). The microcontroller acts as an interface for the computer. In order to do this, we will be hacking into the RC transmitter (the remote) to interface it with a microcontroller. I will also show you some basic programs you can use to control the robot.


PART 3 Explanation

In this final part, we will plunge ourselves completely into the world of robotics as I demostrate how we can implement basic teleoperation by adding a microcontroller to the robot itself. This microcontroller will take signals from the receiver and then perform a specific function based on that signal.




I give this warning for your own good! Any member or user of The Society of Robots WILL NOT be held accountable for any injuries you inflict upon yourself from this tutorial! The SoR  nor I will be held accountable if you damage any product while modifying it for this tutorial! You should be well aware of your actions and be sure of how you will perform them! Read all instructions and safety manuals before using any tools that are potentially dangerous! Always be afraid of any tool that can cause you harm! Follow all safety measures. It's all fun until someone gets hurt (including the people around you!)

This forum thread can show some injuries someone can receive from robotics: Wounded in Battle - 2789