Improvements and Trouble Shooting

So we've built the robot. Great! But what improvements and be done? What if there's something not working? Well, here are a few issues I had:


1. The castor I built had good potential, but there were issues with it. It created a lot of friction while turning because it would occasionally get stuck in any slight imperfections on the metal ring. A solution for this is is to buy a conventional swivel castor with ball bearings.


2. Battery Wires on the receiver. I had to resolder them about 3 to four times! Why? Because there was excesive movement and gradually, the wires would wear down and snap. A solution for this is to take hot glue that's non-conductive and to put som glue over the connection, limiting the amount of movement on the solder joint.


3. Radio Interference. The Radio transmission from the camera would block out all wireless internet in my house. Unfortunately, I do not know a solution for this, so take it as a warning.


4. One of the motors aren't working! First check if your battery is plugged in. If it is, unplug it and check for shorts. If there are no visible shorts in the circuit, then you may have a broken wire or your connection is not very strong. Did you check the Transmitter batteries?


More to come if I find anymor issues!



2. Yeap, hot glue will work fine.

3. Serious?! Thats one noisy camera! A suggestion, solder a 5uF electrolytic capacitor across the camera battery. This might help reduce noise and improve camera range at the same time. I am guessing the camera operates at the same frequency as your wireless internet router . . .