Stepper Motor Control Techniques


Stepper Motor Control Techniques



 This is a guide to help with developing software for stepper motors. There are already some stepper motor tutorials available but these concentrate mainly on the physical properties of stepper motors and only glance briefly at actually controlling them.


Its often thought best to buy a commercial stepper motor driver, but what happens if you dont want to pay for one or just want to create your own direct software? Thats what I hop to address here.


 Before you continue on this tutorial I suggest that you do read the other stepper motor tutorials so you can better understand what you are trying to control and also understand the step patterns involved.

 click here for webbots tutorial on stepper motors


The setup I am using is:


1.5 degree bipolar stepper motor

L298 dual h - bridge


microchipC18 language


 Your setup might differ but the software techniques are easily replicated for other setups