Publication Standard

SOR Community Project Publication Standards


   When designing a module freedom is given the the design as long as they stay within the standard for communication and physical size. These standards will be discussed further on. However this is an open source project. When a module is designed and proposed to be included in the set it needs to have several conditions met as far as documentation and design go. 




       All code used by the module needs to be published and commented throughout for easy access and use.



       Board layouts need to be provided for through hole components. These need to be in Eagle Cad format as it is the most common and free access is available. Modules can have several board designs so it is possible to design a board using surface mount components but this project is design to allow beginners access to the modules so a through hole design is needed. If a smaller more compact SMD version is designed the layout does not necessarily need to be posted with the documentation.



      A detailed tutorial needs to be written on how to use the module. This should include how to use the module and its specific functions. Explanation of complex code can also be included in this for those that want to dig deeper and possible modify the project.


The tutorials will need to be posted in the members tutorial section of the SOR website. This will centralize the documentation for all module designs. Being open source the modules can have several versions. If a design is modified by someone other then the original developer then permission needs to be obtained before their documentation can be changed to reflect the modified version. If permission is not obtained or the modification causes the design to warrant a new module then the person modifying the design needs to provide their own documentation.