how to create an OSCAR project module


This tutorial is to show people interested in making a module for the community project what the job entails and how to go about doing it.

The topic can be found here: http://www.societyofrobots.comrobotforumindex.php?topic=7682.0


So you may be thinking, what's the go with these "modules" anyways?
In mid 2008 there was a thread on society of robots forum about making a set of modules that could be open source and compatible from the word go.

Ultimately there are only a few guidelines to go by:

  • Be completely open source.
  • Be made cheaply enough so the average joe can afford one.
  • Be a set size to allow stacking of pcbs. (axon and axon II size)
  • Communicate via 5 pin I2C SDA, VCC, GND, NC SCL.
  • Be able to operate at 100khz speed.

The next step is designing the module.

NOTE: tutorial not complete.