3. Adding Electronics

Now on to sensors. Currently I have only mounted a single EZ1 Sonar sensor to the platform. I used some erector set parts and a bit of left over pvc to create the bracket. This provides a stable platform and it can be moved where ever needed by adding some holes to the top frame. Additional sensors can be added where needed. The frame is meant to be flexible and reusable.

From ExMod


The other major electronics part that needs to be mounted is the Axon and any OSCAR modules needed to complete the design.

This is a simple process of drilling some holes and inserting spacers if desired. I connected power and in moments I was programming

the Axon. As future modules are design for the OSCAR system additional mounting points can be added as needed.


From ExMod
From ExMod

Now you have a simple and easy to use base to design and build any type of robot you want. This frame will assist me in creating new modules for use by the community.


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