Build The Basic Robot

Build The Basic Bug

Parts List


Before we get stuck into the tutorial, it would be handy to know what you are going to need for the basic bug base.

 Below is a table of materials and parts you will be needing with an approximate price and then there will be another list of tools you will be likely to need.



Electronics Parts

Below is a list of the electronics I used, It would be possible to use the circuit board from the $50 robot meaning that you would only need the servo's from the list (if you plan on building this robot and use the below parts, you will need some way to program the pic mcu. A pic programmer can cost an extra $25 - $200, although I plan on writing a "build your own PIC programmer tutorial soon")

 Part Quantity Price
 hitec hs 311 standard servo (UNMODIFIED)$8.99 each  
 36 pin male breakaway headers2$2.99 each 
 16v 100 uf electrolytic capactor (radial)$1.84 for 10 
 10kohm resistor (1/4watt)$0.49 for 5 
 10 mhz crystal1$0.40 each
 33pf ceramic disc (radial) capacitor2$1.89 for 10
 40 pin Open Frame dip socket (0.1" lead pitch,0.6" (15.24mm) Row Spacing)1$0.48 each
 pic18f452 i/p mcu 40 pin dip 16kx16 prog mem, 1.5kx8 ram, 256x8 eeprom1$10.25 each
 0.1" spacing, 2 way header pin jumper1$0.50 for 10 
 5v linear voltage regulator (1 amp, TO-220 case)1$0.49 each
 Grid style pcb development board or eurocard (0.1"/2.54mm hole spacing)1$1.79 - $6.50
 Some spare wire some ~$2
 Total  ~$45.00


Building Materials

Below Is the list of building materials you will need to gather, the flat plastic can be any hard plastic sheeting such as pvc. The Polymorph granules are a type of plastic that you drop into hot water where it becomes mouldable like modelling dough, once it cools down it hardens into whatever shape you mould it which is then machinable. It can be re - used simply by putting it back into hot water.

 Part QuantityPrice 
 some form of flat plastic (i used plexi glass) 1 sqr foot ~$2.50
 Wire Coat Hanger (or long wire rods) 2 ~$0.50
 Some Type Of Mouldable Plastic (I used Polymorph) 100g ~$5
 Small Selection of Nuts and Bolts  ~$2.50
 total  ~$10.50


You Will Also Require The Following List Of Tools / Products:

-Modelling Knife

-Coping Saw (Or Electric Jigsaw)

-Metal Ruler

-Needle Nose Pliers

-Soldering Iron


-Acetone or cellulose Based Paint Thinners / SuperGlue / Acetone (to stick the plastic sheeting together)

-small cheap artists paint prush

-small phillips screw driver

-Drill with a selection of drill bits

-PIC programmer

If your computer has a serial port, it is also recommended to get this RS-232 Shifter Board