3. Programming (PIC18F452)

 This section is dedictated to building a basic set of functions. The Functions will be created in a header file that can be used by different programs. The reason that we are going to use a header file, is that most of the "messy" work will be stored there instead of cluttering up your main program, it also gives us a universal library which can be used by any c program that you create for this robot. 

 Before we go any further, you are going to need to download microchip c18 utility (student edition is fine) and the microchip MPLAB ide. Both of these can be downloaded for free from http://www.microchip.com/.

You will need to install both of these, following the on screen instructions. I think to avoid confusion, its best to instal MPLAB first and then the C18.

 The next step is to use the project wizard to create a new project. You should follow the users guide (pdf) to learn how to make sure that the c18 compiler has integrated properly and also see how to add the linker file to your project.