7. Troubleshooting

This is the troubleshooting page , where I basically think of everything that can go wrong and post solutions for it. If you have a problem which cannot be solved by this page , go ahead and post it in the forum.


Servos not turning the right way - your servos are not connected or they are not getting the right pulses, so play around with the pulses.

Sensor not working- Take a digital camera and look through it. Make sure that each of the IR sensors is giving off blue light( visible to the camera, not to humans)Or its a bad connection, or its the pull up resistor . Make sure its all connected and the resistor is the right value

LED not turning on- try flipping the wires of the LED , or maybe its just burned out and then just replace it.

Sensors giving bad readings- If you are in sunlight the sensors will give bad readings, so maybe cover the robot with duct tape. Or check your circuit for mistakes.

Batteries heating up - The positive and negative voltage wires somewhere in the circuit are touching

I see smoke- Batteries' wires are touching . I really don't think smoke will happen , but you never know.

Nothing is working or turning on- The batteries are not connected, or they are too weak.





1. No programmer found ---- Your programmer is not connected , plug it in!

2. No device found ----- Either your microcontroller isn't in the programmer socket properly or you selected the wrong device. Select PIC16F616.