Micromouse - The Electronics


The Part List


Here is a list of all the parts i needed to build the robot (excluding basic tools).

Part Description Quantity How much I paid Where I got it Extra Info
Nema 17 size stepper motor 2 £14 each Rapid Components
Sharp IR GP2D120 2 £12 each Active Robots Make sure you get the cable with the JST connector. Some companies ship the sensors without.
Microchip PIC18F4525 microcontroller 1 Free Sample Microchip Samples

You'll need an obscure email address to register. I used one from tranceaddict.net. This is a great source of chips, but don't abuse it. Only get what you need.

Connectors Sockets



crimp terminals

~£2 CPC Farnell You can buy crimping tools to make the cable making process easier. I managed with just pliers but it was sometimes quite unreliable. Check out the connector tutorial.
Connector Pins




~£2 CPC Farnell
ULN2803 chip 1 £1 CPC Farnell Array of 8 transistors for driving the motors.
7-segment LED Display
CPC Farnell
A tutorial for these is here.
7805 5V Voltage Regulator
CPC Farnell

1 x 10K

2 x 100R

Nearly nothing
I had them allready.
If you don't already have resistors and capacitors, you can find them at any hobby electronics store.

1 x 1mF10V

1 x 470uF16V

2 x 22pF

Nearly nothing
I allready had them.
10MHz Crystal

CPC Farnell
Stripboard (Veroboard)
CPC Farnell
5mm thick acrylic
about 25x35 cm
Not sure
If you can't find acrylic, there are many other types of material you can use. HDPE, plexiglass, maybe even MDF.


Making the main microcontroller board