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Post schematics, sensors, and any of your other creations. Make sure you give a thorough description of how a person may replicate and use your creation.

Theory of digital and analog signals (basic)


Basic electronics theory


Add for your Robot- IR jammer

I saw this from the great creat from RadioShack and wanted to share it with you guys. Sow how could you use this in a robot? or what use could it have?

Design Guide: Basic principles in PCB design

OSCAR: Distance Module Ver 0.5

The OSCAR system is a modular robotics system designed to aid new builders in exploring complex concepts with a smaller learning curve while still encouraging creativity.

Simple Solution to Making Short Connections On a Circuit Board


AVR MKII (AVR ISP2) Programmer Tutorial

Note: You can use the mkII  programmer with the 2x5 header that some people originally soldered on their $50 robot board, if they buy or make an adapter:

Atmel AVR High Voltage Fuse Reset on a Breadboard

A big mess

PS2 controller on Axon.

Background reading.

How to build a robot - did you have problems?



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