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Mechanical designs such as mounting of components, use of actuators, calculating forces/dynamics, waterproofing, etc.

Designing a humanoid using Solidworks - Part III

Dear All, Kindly find attached last sections of the tutorial series. You would now be able to complete a humanoid design!! Tweek the design to match your imagination!! Happy Learning!!!!!!

Designing a humanoid using Solidworks - Part II

Dear All, Further to my last tutorials, I am attaching herewith 3 more tutorials, which will show you more basic features of Solidworks and would inch closer towards making a humanoid!! Happy Le

Designing a humanoid using Solidworks

Hello All,


Stepper Motors (2)


This tutorial will discuss:-


Construction materials, methods, designs and use of tools and equipment.

Tips for Modifying Servos


Stepper Motors

What is a Stepper Motor?

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