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Software is for algorithms, source code, and AI related information. If posting software, make sure you describe the OS, the hardware, and fully comment your code! Please zip file all uploaded source.

MATLAB code - object position identification

Dear All, To make your robot identify a particular object in an image and automatically move towards it sounds fascinating, and equally complex (maybe!!).

MATLAB code - shape classifier

Dear All, From my past tutorials, you would have gathered a decent idea about how to build a basic design of robot, using SolidWorks.

Building WebbotLib using Ant.

Compiling with WebbotLib without using AVR Studio.

AVR 101 - How to use WinAVR with AVR Studio 4, Visual C++ 2008 Express and Eclipse to program your AVR controller in C

This is a guide for setting-up the programming environment required to create, compile and upload your C code to your AVR controller boards.

1. Implementing Voice Recognition in your robot.

There are several ways to implement Voice Recognition into a robot.

Voice Recognition and Speech using Arduino

Did you ever wanted to be able to tell the robot to do something for you? Did you find that you needed to use a computer for that reason alone?

C variables and types

When reading someone elses code you may find variables declared with names that are unfamiliar and which naming convention should I use?


C software library

A powerful C library for ATmel AVR processors that supports loads of sensors, servos and motor drivers.


Using makefiles for AVR development

Work in progress

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