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Title: tesla MA7812
Post by: karmax on December 21, 2008, 01:41:06 AM
i have MA7812 ... i want to convert 24 v into 12v with the helping of this and i want 12v 10A supply so can any one tell how many i connect in parllel.
Title: Re: tesla MA7812
Post by: cosminprund on December 21, 2008, 02:32:42 AM
Did you double-post or am I having double-vision...

I've looked up the datasheet for the Tesla MA7812. Because you want lots of power from it your limitation would not be the current it can put out but the power it can dissipate. The one I found says:

Max input voltage: 20V -> boom, your 24V battery is OUT
Max load current: 2.2A -> You'd need 5 of those to put out 10Amp
Max power dissipation (W): 2.5 -> IF you run them on 24V (those the datasheet says it only supports 20V so that would be a bad thing) you'll need 39 of them in parallel (96W divided by the 2.5W max per unit).

You'll need to look up the datasheet for the exact part you have. The datasheet I found was for a package that now says it's discontinued - so you will not be able to find the 39 you require  ;D