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Robot Videos / Re: Wii Nunchuck Controlled Robot
« Last post by jiudiany3 on Yesterday at 04:10:28 AM »
oops i meant change the bit inputted to the transmitter, otherwise, the receiver goes nuts

Robots stepper motor:oyostepper.com
Misc / Anyone has a FreaksCar? Need help
« Last post by eesan001 on September 21, 2018, 10:12:42 PM »
i bought a FreaksCar. It stated that total 7 functions can do on my FreaksCar.

I tested all of the 7 functions, but there are some issues on them.

1. Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance

- The car can move forward but when come to obstacle in front of it, it can't move backward.

- Also, sometimes it move backward even there are no obstacle in front of it.

2. Speed Measure

- Don't understand what this feature is about?

- Can i amend the code and make it move even faster?

3. Light Tracking

- The car move forward itself without follow my light, has tested in a room without any light, the car still move itself without follow the light.

4. Line Following

- Same as Light tracking, it just move forward and didn't follow the line drawn on the paper.

- Has tested with different thickness of line.

Also, my freakscar can't move in a straight line. Is is my wheel issue or the coding setting?

For the problem mentioned, is these related to coding issue or the sensor issue?

Really appreciate if anyone can help.
Misc / Who wants to take over London?
« Last post by Joshua Lloyd on September 20, 2018, 12:46:36 PM »
Basically, I?m trying to design and build this: remote-control locomotive that picks up objects using a 4-axis arm It?s marketed as a kid?s toy. The idea is to produce a lot of these, sell them in top areas in London (like Muswell Hill), showing off the ingenuity and building a reputation as expert roboticists. The robotics industry is ripe for taking over. There?s billions to be made. But we need to start somewhere.

I dabble in a lot of sciences and engineering subjects but am currently self-taught (CAD, electronics, programming, algebra, ?) I?m certainly not an expert in anything. I fucking love acquiring knowledge for the sake of it, but time is limited and I need help getting this project done. I?ll do 99% of the work obviously.

So, I turned my home into a ?lab?. I?ve got oscilloscopes, multimeters, 3D printers, components, materials, machining equipment, etc. The only tools I?m lacking is a rigorous mathematical understanding.

I need someone who knows their shit: Kalman filters, mechanics, probability theory and Baye?s rule, analysis, linear algebra, etc. I sort of ?know? my shit, but I don?t all know my shit, and I?m all self-taught, but the depression has got me good.

Please reply or drop me an email at [email protected] I?d leave a number but I haven?t got my phone with me atm. We?ll do a face-to-face.

TLDR: Let?s just say I need smart friends.
Mechanics and Construction / Elecfreaks - Freakscar - How to Program
« Last post by eesan001 on September 19, 2018, 02:18:49 AM »
Hi, i just bought a Freakscar robot (they said is a beginner starter kit). After i assembled the car and come to the configuration part, it shows EFBlock and ArduinoIDE. What is the difference between this two and which one should i use? Anyone bought this can show how to configure it?   
Electronics / Camera for Inspection & Unmanned Robotic Vehicles
« Last post by dharmalingam on September 13, 2018, 05:51:40 AM »
Introducing NileCAM 3.4 MP Full HD SerDes Camera (GMSL) operates up to 15m from host. It is a based on 1/3-inch AR0330, a 3.4 MP CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor?.

NileCAM can be used in various applications like Inspection Cameras, Unmanned Vehicles, Live Video conferencing, Camera Monitoring System, Surround View System and Street Lighting Cameras.
Mechanics and Construction / Printing robot arm
« Last post by RITESH29 on September 10, 2018, 01:48:30 AM »
I have seen many Robot that are used to scan print
How to build robotic arm that scan print with help of printer what technology is used for it
Misc / VEELER : An Open Source Robot Kit on Indigogo
« Last post by praveen_khm on September 02, 2018, 12:18:48 AM »
Dear Friends,

We just launched our first Indigogo campaign : VEELER : An Open Source Robot Kit!

VEELER is a robot platform for children, parents and educators. It is not just a standalone DIY robot. It is designed by roboticists and has a host of sensors and modules all tucked into a tiny modular package. While being fun as a toy, you can use VEELER to learn about robotics, programming, electronics and mechanics. It can be programming via Arduino IDE and the board is compatible with Leonardo board.

We have worked on this project for a year and half to get it right. It's perfect for introducing kids (6+ years) to programming and mechanics. A new way of STEM learning

Visit us at https://igg.me/at/veeler/x to back the project, or to share the word. I started my first robot following the 50$ robot guide. Any feedback from the community is appreciated.

Thank you,
Software / Room and object mapping
« Last post by cyberjeff on September 01, 2018, 09:09:59 PM »
I'm starting a new robot, a simple 2 driven wheeled run around for indoors. I have parts for one with a scanning ultrasonic sensor.

I would like it to have some sense of it's surroundings (beyond the limited and dimensional ability of the ultrasonic), the distance to objects and their approximate shapes and sizes. I'm thinking of a simple laser 3D mapper, it would work like this.

A Raspberri Pi with a camera faces straight ahead. A vertical line laser is mounted off to the right side aimed so that it is aimed to cross directly ahead at say 3 feet such that if there is an object at 3' then the camera will detect a vertical line dead center. If the object is closer then the line will shift right, if the object is further the line will shift left.

So, take a snap with no laser, turn the laser on and detect where the line is by looking for pixels that have shifted substantially red.

It seems to me that I am not the first to thing along these lines, the processing required is much less than structured light.

Whose got some directions to point me in? I am a programmer so I can write the glue and tinker but I don't want to start for scratch.
Misc / Re: Robot Lawn Mowers - Do you have one? Do you want one?
« Last post by silo_xtreme on August 28, 2018, 05:35:26 AM »
Hey Silo xtreme what microcontroller did you used for Smartmow and what programming algorithm?  Also what dc motor are you using to cut the grass? I have seen the videos on your blog pretty impressive and the robot is compact too.

I just noticed I haven't replied to Ryan in some time...  better late than never?  ;D   The new SmartMow uses a SamD21 and switches between a few path planning algorithms , wavefront (https://www.societyofrobots.com/programming_wavefront.shtml) wasn't as memory efficient as I'd hope ;)

The motors are all brushelss... :) Hope this helps!
Software / Re: hello which software are used in robots??
« Last post by robert81 on August 21, 2018, 05:37:46 AM »

I am going to make a simple robot which receives data from an excel file, process and command (like pressing a button) in a loop until the end of data.
Also I am not still sure about which hardware is suitable for me.

Which language is better for me to start?

Thank you :-)
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