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Mechanics and Construction / Re: Microphonestand-robot
« Last post by bdeuell on Today at 08:31:10 PM »
Not to throw added complication at someone building their first robot but....this might be a good application for an omni-directional platform.
Here are some links:

Is noise a concern? Most motors/drives are going to produce audible noise.

How do I build something that can hold a microphone and moove it around a little, so I can moove the microphone from the control-room?
Not exactly sure what you are asking for...perhaps you can be a little more specific. Are you wondering what a system to do this would need, looking  for ideas, or need help designing and finding specific components?
I suspect the problem you are having is you are not measuring the correct diameter. With your equation you would need to measure the pitch diameter which is somewhere between the root and the tip of the gear teeth.

If you are measuring the outside of the gear you need to use: diametral pitch=(number of teeth + 2)/(outside dia)

I recommend you measure the largest gear you have that has the same pitch (this will minimize he effect of error in your measurement). better yet measure several gears and make sure your numbers check.

Also they could be metric gears which are measured in module (circular pitch) which is equal to (pi)/(diametral pitch). Keep in mind you will also need to convert units to metric.
what you have to do is find a caliper and measure the exact diameter of your gear and then make the math. they sell calipers for $25 at radioshack if you don't live near one the same prices are in amazon.com.
Mechanics and Construction / Re: Microphonestand-robot
« Last post by DiegoChavez on Today at 06:17:37 PM »
What I would do Is get some high torque low speed motors and put them in a square frame. about 4 inches biger than the diameter of a mic. stand then get an aluminium sheet for the top and drill 2 holes and other 2 holes on the mic. stand and then bold them together. If you need help with the design and materials send me an email at: [email protected].
Mechanics and Construction / Need help finding the pitch of a pinion gear
« Last post by pterrus on Yesterday at 07:56:02 PM »
My project to turn an RC truck into a robot is coming along nicely (http://imgur.com/533aEgH).  There's a major problem though that in retrospect I should have anticipated: the toy drive motor no longer has enough torque to drive the added weight.

My plan is to buy a good gearmotor from servocity or something to replace the old motor: (http://imgur.com/7FcxN51).  I'd prefer to leave the old gearbox intact and just swap out the motor because that's clearly way less work, but the pinion gear appears to be permanently attached to the old motor shaft and I'd need a replacement.  So I need the pitch.  I've read that pitch is equal to the number of teeth that would be on a one inch gear, but this gear: (http://imgur.com/70ZALxD), which is just under an inch in diameter, has 34 teeth... it seems to be a nonstandard pitch?

I am an electrical guy and kind of clueless about gears... any advice on what to do in this situation?
Misc / US Court of Appeals rules drones for search and rescue is legal
« Last post by Admin on Yesterday at 01:03:54 PM »
admin comment: The FAA bans drones because it risks deaths from aviation accidents. But to ban search and rescue with drones is counter-productive to that stated goal.

Back in February, officials at the Federal Aviation Administration told a Texas search-and-rescue team they couldn't use drones help locate missing persons. The team, which is called EquuSearch, challenged the FAA in court. On Friday, the court ruled (PDF) in favor of EquuSearch, saying the FAA's directive was "not a formal cease-and-desist letter representing the agency's final conclusion." EquuSearch intends to resume using the drones immediately.


Mechanics and Construction / Re: Microphonestand-robot
« Last post by Gededyr on Yesterday at 02:31:29 AM »
It's just the microphone I need to move. Well, the mic need to be held steady and in a useful position. Just like a microphone stand :)
Mechanics and Construction / Re: Microphonestand-robot
« Last post by DiegoChavez on July 21, 2014, 09:19:17 PM »
Is it jsut the mic. or do you have to carry something else on the robotic platform?
Electronics / Re: Robotic arm that copies human arm
« Last post by DiegoChavez on July 21, 2014, 09:12:02 PM »
I found an instructable to do one A LOT better It is based on the In moov 3d printed hand. (you dont need to have a 3d printer) you can use Shapeways.com just send the files and they send you the printed parts.

here is the link: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Robotic-Hand-Controlled-by-a-Glove-and-Arduino/?ALLSTEPS.
Electronics / Airsoft robot fireing system
« Last post by DiegoChavez on July 21, 2014, 09:05:50 PM »
I am making an airsoft robot, and I need a way to fire the gun. The gun I got is a cheap crossman because it uses low power and can hold a lot of ammo. It is powered by 4 AA batteries. I am thinking on taking out the batteries and connected to some type of relay boar or something connected to the receiver. But I dot know how to do it. I have a spektrum 5 channel transmitter so I only have the landing gear switch left. I need that to fire the gun. Any ideas???
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