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Software / Re: Choice of Robot Programming Language
« Last post by jcicolani on Today at 09:50:08 AM »
If you are familiar with Python and intend to do any high level functions, I strongly suggest investing the time to learn ROS. I spent a year mucking about with other options and in the end turned to ROS. It has a large community of supporters and already has pre-built packages to handle just about anything you want to do. I should have heeded my friends' suggestions and started there.
Software / Re: axon and avr eclipse plugin
« Last post by Admin on Today at 08:21:20 AM »
Sorry for the delay, I somehow missed this post.

We don't actually support Eclipse, although you can of course find AVR Eclipse support if you google it.

We strongly recommend using WebbotLib.
Software / Re: Smart Solar Panel Not Working
« Last post by DiegoChavez on Yesterday at 12:55:25 PM »
also tried a simple program to see if the photocells work and they work just fine.
Software / Re: Smart Solar Panel Not Working
« Last post by DiegoChavez on Yesterday at 12:30:12 PM »
tried it, it works just fine
Software / Re: Smart Solar Panel Not Working
« Last post by muilenta on Yesterday at 12:13:44 PM »
Try starting with a simpler program where you just move the servo with no sensor reading.
Software / Re: Choice of Robot Programming Language
« Last post by muilenta on Yesterday at 12:11:52 PM »
I'm using visual studio, and opencv for computer vision.  You can use rs232 via usb to talk to a sensor board of your choice for input output.
Software / Re: Robotic vision: Coding issues
« Last post by muilenta on Yesterday at 12:10:15 PM »
I'm using a laptop, opencv, and controlling a wheelchair.  Much easier.
Software / Looking for a speech recognition dataset I can use (stored info)
« Last post by muilenta on Yesterday at 12:07:22 PM »
Hey, I figured out how to use visual studio's speech recognition and voice synthesis, but I don't want to come up with thousands of pairs of possible questions and answers.  Does anyone know if there is something available?  Maybe a giant XML or something?  If it is told "humans rule" maybe the robot would respond "that is temporary" ;)

Software / Smart Solar Panel Not Working
« Last post by DiegoChavez on Yesterday at 11:11:18 AM »
Hey I am working on a smart solar panel that consist of 5 photocells placed at different angles then the input is interpreted by an Arduino and it tells a servo motor to what angle to move the solar panel. the only problem that I that I have is that the motor doesn't change position. I think it might have something to do with the code but I cannot find the problem, help is highly appreciated. Here is my code:

#include <Servo.h>

Servo myservo;

int photocell1 = 1;
int photocell2 = 2;
int photocell3 = 3;
int photocell4 = 4;
int photocell5 = 5;

int photocell1Reading; 
int photocell2Reading;
int photocell3Reading;
int photocell4Reading;
int photocell5Reading;
void setup(void) {

void loop(void) {
  photocell1Reading = analogRead(photocell1); 
  photocell2Reading = analogRead(photocell2); 
  photocell3Reading = analogRead(photocell3); 
  photocell4Reading = analogRead(photocell4); 
  photocell5Reading = analogRead(photocell5);   
  // Far left photocell
   if(photocell1Reading > photocell2Reading, photocell3Reading, photocell4Reading, photocell5Reading){

  // 45 left photocell
   else if(photocell2Reading > photocell1Reading, photocell3Reading, photocell4Reading, photocell5Reading){

  // Center photocell
   else if(photocell3Reading > photocell1Reading, photocell2Reading, photocell4Reading, photocell5Reading){
  // 45 right photocell
   else if(photocell4Reading > photocell1Reading, photocell2Reading, photocell3Reading, photocell5Reading){
  // Far left photocell
   else(photocell5Reading > photocell1Reading, photocell2Reading, photocell4Reading, photocell3Reading);{

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