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Misc / New - Open Source Robot Platform
« Last post by gBot on May 11, 2018, 11:37:10 PM »
Hello Robotics enthusiasts, my name is Robert and my son Andrew and I have put together an open source mobile platform from off the shelve components. We also combined the leading technologies in a software framework with the latest machine vision and machine learning capabilities. We aimed the end product for retrieving golf balls at driving ranges, however other types of applications can be adapted.

Thanks for taking a look,


Robot Videos / Quadruped robot - Quadbot17
« Last post by m3atsauc3 on May 10, 2018, 01:33:16 PM »
Hi all,

This is my first post here!
I'd like to share some videos of a robot I have been working on for the past year:

If you want to find out more, please visit my project log and blog:
Cognitive Dissonance
Misc / Re: Tech Tip- Measurement of speed
« Last post by rouncer on May 09, 2018, 10:07:30 PM »
These servos sound like crap, id rather use a dc motor - then i can play with the battery source as well as the motor- and get even quicker results, and not fork out for consumer tapered goods.  :P
Misc / Tech Tip- Measurement of speed
« Last post by ServoCity on May 09, 2018, 03:13:45 PM »
There are many factors to consider when choosing the right servo for your application and one of those is how fast your servo will move .
In our Latest Secret Life of Servos Video, Kyle explains how to calculate servo speed.

Misc / basic structure of a robot
« Last post by rouncer on May 07, 2018, 07:44:44 AM »
Just to write something done for people to read::

A robots body is primary a connection of joints, then all thats needed after that is sensors, a powersupply and some form of computer for the SENSOR->MOTOR LINK.

the joints should have absolute positioning in,  you can do this in two ways, a stepper motor,  or a potentometre connected dc motor, and the motor stops once the potentiometre is at the right position,  and that is done through amp/volt comparison - you can use amps or volts, because a potentiometre affects both at once.

And that is it for the basic robot,  so they are pretty simple -  and if you could get the motors into a mould,  the whole thing could be mouldable in so many layers.

* concurrent map building system. (SLAM)
* internal motor-sensor model, for predicting the future, and a searching system to find the pinnacle result for its goal.
* solar power + a sunbaking cycle, like how god makes lizards.
* weapons?  (nah, better not! :))

Thats a healthy opinion about money,  dont need too much of it, waste of time im the same - what does it get you that u cant get other ways?

With rl, mostly your going to get the quadraped to move, the only way to get the robo horse to do anything "aesthetic" is by putting it in its goal system to do it,  in an artificial way.  Talking about aesthetics, I imagine if sickos ever make a sex droid it would all be a completely fake orgasm, no need for that.

I love the Amish buggy with the shotgun dude there, you never know if nearby villiages of savages might run off with the dudes wife, and a good quick clean off the shoulders approach does away with unneeded cruelty to animals.

Following commands I think would have to be supervised into it, if a robot ever communicated like a real dog, without faking it, im pretty sure 99% of the brain system would pretty much be known, it would only be a matter of time till the singularity happened - and then what's next, theres goes the planet?

I dont like to repeat myself from a last writing, but dangerous shit, what we are doing here...   
To me ROBOT means mechanical HUMAN or ANIMAL. Something of inorganic machinery that looks like a man or beast as well as behaves like a man or beast. It does not need a lot of intelligence to follow simple commands. A small-scale toy horse that trots like a live one is not going to be dangerous as it would have very limited physical force.

The genius is in the movement of its PHYSICAL extremities as in walking or running GRACEFULLY: not too plodding or mechanical like a stereotypical ROBOT, but in fluid natural motions.

The theoretical fancy toy horse does have to trot or walk at variable speed and in any direction, including reverse, on command as well as stop moving completely.

If you have ever seen a live horse pulling an Amish buggy you have a pretty good idea about what its scope of movement is. My toy horse doesn't need to turn its head, swoosh its tail or even blink its eyes. Its legs and hooves must move in some methodical fashion since it is a  working animal. it's brain power unit can be on board the wagon it's "pulling" or in a central computer on the model railroad network communicating command signals to it wirelessly.

The robotic horse toy must also perform singly or as a team of horses pulling a carriage whether two, four, six or eight. There are the lead horses, the swing horses and the wheel horses on a classic American stagecoach. My robotic horse-drawn toy vehicle would also have static people figures on board as the driver, the messenger shotgun man and passengers inside for a scale Wells Fargo & Company reproduction.

What I propose is strictly state-of-the art machinery for hobby or entertainment. I don't want to invent or patent anything for profit. I am throwing this idea out to inspire other people of this world. It's not about money but imagination coming to life.
Software / Re: Need help to let omni robot rotation around 1 point
« Last post by danzhilan on May 02, 2018, 07:28:04 PM »
Thanks a lot for your idea.
Yes, indeed... im interested in all kinds of computers, especially mechanical ones, they date back to the days of Blaise Pascal.

Just a bit more chat ->

Lots of guys at this forum work from complete scratch as what ive seen, and they make their own bodies as well as the brain.
When it comes to the state of the art in robots,  you can buy bodies (like nao, and others) but u have to program them yourself if you want them to do anything interesting, I think there is a bit of a logical flaw in the fact that people think they are going to be able to gain easily some working robo-brain code, because it causes civil insecurity, people having powerful security cameras and also possibly dangerous robots, that not anyone is just allowed to have...  not just the danger too - it makes scams alot easier with automation,  and u can mass produce out of your home garage!!!  as well.   if u get a proper working ai.

But I spose, as humans we do actually find ourselves doing quite dangerous things alot of the time, like chemisty, owning farm machinery, and such like, let alone guns.    but I think properly working ai is dangerous as well, not for everyone to do at home.   Im actually a bit paranoid about a guy coming and knocking on my door and maybe being a little displeased with what im doing, because i feel a little nervous about possibly making something as intelligent as a dog....  but lots of guys are attempting it these days,  utter madness. :)

The usual way you can get a robot to move is dynamic animation, where the robot is told explicitly how to move its legs -  and one of the important methods is inverse kinematics,  where you just place the wrist point, and the elbow finds its place automatically.   which can help.

The other option is Reinforcement learning  (or just say RL,  its an important acronym.) for fully automatic,  just give the machine some legs on motors, and itll learn to adapt the body to movements, but you can spend a lifetime doing it, its continually improvable the results you get, if you want it to deal with terrain then its probably going to be lifes work.

U can definitely get rich if u end up with some more advanced than what other people have, but I recommend keeping it to yourself.  its not worth it IMO,  just giving it away.

Sort of like a mechanical labyrinth.
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