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Misc / Re: "real" microcontrollers
« Last post by waltr on August 18, 2014, 02:03:22 PM »
It varies quite a bit. It could use a PIC12, 8 pin uC or ATiny or it could have a large SOC like a Altera Cyclone with dual ARMs and FPGA.

It all depends on the application and what the engineer chooses.
Mechanics and Construction / Re: 3D printing parts for fun!
« Last post by Billy on August 18, 2014, 11:19:25 AM »
but it'll be quite some time before I'm finished :P

I see, it's commercial. Still cool you're willing to do a few for free.
It could really get someone through a deal breaker on a robot project. With so many ways to get distracted these days, needing a part you can't buy (or make) could make the difference between a life long interest in making and getting sucked into a gaming habit. 

Over the weekend I modified SW to allow the printer(CNC) to read PLT files from EAGLE PCB editor, so it can now machine simple two layer PCBs. Maybe I should agree to help in the same way.
Misc / "real" microcontrollers
« Last post by mstacho on August 18, 2014, 07:17:00 AM »
This may be a weird question so I figured it should go here:

I've spent most of my time in academia, only really working on industrial projects as a student but never in a full-time industry position.  I'm now working as a lab demonstrator at a university where I'm supporting the mechatronics program, and there is a lot of emphasis on small robotics projects.  Previously, I've used things like the axon and the arduino, as well as the ARM Cortex M-series chips for some special projects.  Currently, we're working with a TI MSP430g2553. 

What strikes me most about the TI chip is its limitations: 16KB flash but only 512B ram.  It's in a 20-pin package so it's hard to find enough pins (or we need to keep switching peripherals on and off to get the labs working).  Oddly, it's a 16-bit uC instead of 8.  It's been weirdly fascinating working with it because it forces me to think REALLY hard about how to use it appropriately.

It got me wondering something: in a project for a company where a uC is necessary, would there ever be a reason to use such a limited chip?  They aren't all that expensive, but neither is, say, a Cortex M0.

For that matter, what does a project using uCs "look like" in an industrial setting?

Just curious,

Mechanics and Construction / what tool is next?
« Last post by DiegoChavez on August 17, 2014, 11:52:34 PM »
I have asked before for advice in tools but I just gave 2 options now I am giving any option possible. what I want is a long lasting high quality machine that helps me make things in a quick period of time and prototype fast. but the things should still look good and perform even better. open for suggestions.
Mechanics and Construction / Re: Robot Kit
« Last post by DiegoChavez on August 17, 2014, 11:34:55 PM »
ez-robot. I bought one about a year ago and it was awesome it has some cool features and a great support comunity. it is also relatively cheap. here is the link, explore their web page they have some very cool stuff!
Electronics / Any recommended generic receiver for SCTX2B Transmitter?
« Last post by aalzamora on August 17, 2014, 08:53:36 PM »
Hi, I'm new into this field and in the forum too.

I have a 27mhz RC control from an old Raptor 700 toy. This control has a SCTX2B chip as transmitter.

I'd like to know if it is possible to use any generic receiver chip other than the one that comes originally with the toy (i guess it is the SCRX2B chip).

If so, can you guys recommend me any other (generic?) receiver chip i can use with this transmitter?

Please, i'm economically poor so far, and i'd really appreciate if you could provide any ideas of from what old-scrap device i can get any scavenged option as receiver for this transmitter so i can interface them and use in my projects.

Thanks a lot.
Electronics / Re: Good transmitter for RC/robot
« Last post by DiegoChavez on August 17, 2014, 06:03:46 PM »
I would go for a well known controller for a first project just because you can find a lot of tutorials online and get a lot of help in forums like this one. If you need many channels I would go for and spectrum dx8 or a Futaba 8JA 2.4GHZ S/FHSS. This is my advice but I'm just a guy after all is your robot so you get to choose.
Software / unsupervised 3d vision classification, as a reconstructive model.
« Last post by rouncer on August 17, 2014, 01:57:23 AM »
I saw a post with a guy that made a 3d vision system, but he was wondering what to do with it, so heres an attempt at explaining my system, which can make a simulation out of real video. :)

The main idea, is we are classifying distinct moving pieces, attached or not attached, it works either way.
The idea is you only need a new classification, if it is moving slightly differently, but of course also basic shape would also be important. both are discovered with 3d photography.

Train a net (boltzmann machine or even heirarchical temporal memory would do.) on some video, it can just be 2d, you can neglect 3d for this bit, you can do this prior to the classification step, or you can do it at the same time, its up to you.

Training detects some redundancies to improve your similarity matching. This can be done before the classification step.

This basicly just gives you your cell activations with a bit of redundancy taken care of, now every different photo will have a slightly different response up your layers, and more similar photos will have more similar responses.

It needent be noise free, you dont need it for reconstructive purposes, we employ classification later to make much better reconstruction possible.

Now we start classifying.

We start off with one module (or distinct piece), it means no matter what the response of the network is, itll arrive at this module id. it has 100% error leniency. We detect which module it is by the closest distance from all its snap shots, which we are adding once a frame to it, it starting with 0 snapshots.

Every time we add the module state, we detect if we need a new part, thats if it has performed a mechanical posture change. We do this employing 3d photography, and we split off the part to another image on the new id, leaving a stencil of it behind.   This stencilled off area, is an automatic pass, when counting error when doing a comparison.

You only need a new module (a new id) if its a distinct moving piece, or an i/o pair doubled.

There is an I/O pair with every state, a description of sorrounding modules, and you wont have this at the start, this has to be inserted in once all moving objects have now been separated, a doubled i/o means its an extra complex function it needs a new category for. I is sorrounds, O is velocity.
If its continually dollying between 2 modules, it means your better off just averaging the I/O together, than splitting off, as its just an error.

The networks purpose is for training only, but it employs the snap shots in more of a realtime database thing to get an error reading of "closeness"... reconstruction is now left to the snap shots stored at each categorization id,  you have to rebuild the novel posture out of a patchwork of many of the states, closest states possible. (it requires depth to do this,  if it were just 2d, its derivatives would all be flat wrong, pieces wouldnt come apart any good at all and the reconstruction would look like mario kart :)   so tell that to Jeff Hawkins when he thinks he can do image recognition in 2d... but actually its not a bad area of thought, doing it in 2d, because depth maps are buggy as hell.)

If you provide a 3d scene of ids, and now youll be able to get the colours, and displacements.

When I finally get this thing working, It'll make a video game out of stereo pair video.
Mechanics and Construction / Robot Kit
« Last post by fireintheit on August 16, 2014, 11:07:54 AM »
I was wondering if any one can point me to an affordable robotics starter kit. that will teach you all the necessary elements needed to construct a robot?
Mechanics and Construction / Re: 3D printing parts for fun!
« Last post by Anoroc on August 15, 2014, 08:09:04 AM »
Not a secret. I just didn't want to come off as an advertisement, (I really just want some fun projects to print, and share).

However, since you asked:

We spent about a year refining everything. I'm toying with some other forms of printing now, but it'll be quite some time before I'm finished :P
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