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Electronics / New Advance of AI, Cookid intelligent humanoid robot
« Last post by carloliu on September 30, 2016, 02:49:18 AM »
When it comes to artificial intelligence, The first thing come to our mind is humanoid robot, not as simple as the industrial robot that made up of intelligent machines but appear in the form of humanoid form that can interact with people.


Intelligent humanoid robot is a kind of service robots, why do we say so? Most industrial robots are mechanical arm but family services, entertainment and educational robots are mostly humanoid. Humanoid robot is supposed to give best experience, both in ideology and sensory experience.


Humanoid robot is not a pile of mechanical parts and chips, in previous research on robot, it should be able to do housework, use the arm to grasp the object, which is one of the basic functions of the robot. Although there are a lot of research in these areas, from the current technology progress in recent years, we are still facing great challenges in applying robots to do housework.


The increasing demand of humanoid robots, the continuous development of artificial intelligence  and hardware make the service robots move from laboratory to home in recent years, and develop from  single functional sweeping robots to multifunctional personal robots.


Cookid intelligent humanoid robot is born in such fast changing environment. The humanoid robot like Cookid in China is still a new thing but as people are gradually familiar with smart devices and frontier technology , there must be a broad market prospect on smart service humanoid robots.



We can see from the  robots movies that the robots usually have their own mentality to answer people’s questions, to think the right answer, to make a relative response. In fact, this is a comprehensive application of perception, cognition and behavior control. The perception is mainly based on vision, hearing and a variety of sensor information processing; The cognition is responsible for higher level semantic processing, such as reasoning, planning, Learning, etc .; The behavior control is how to control the behavior of the robot.

Currently, the humanoid robot has been able to achieve some of the functions,  although it   still in the primary stage, not particularly perfect, for ordinary people, it’s still attractive. Man-machine voice communication, through the dialogue with the robot, people can know about the weather, news, also can make joke with robot, these are some functions that can be realized at present.

Humanoid robots also have a certain body movements, their bodies can be as flexible as human beings, from head to toe, it can be rotated and stretched. What’s more, these humanoid robot with some of the functions also facilitate people’s lives, for example, video calling, taking photo, video monitoring, life reminders and so on.

The future has come, intelligent humanoid robot comes quietly, the new technology will bring endless possibilities for human life, and the world will become more and more exciting.

Software / Re: ER-1 Robot - recycling
« Last post by algtrader on September 29, 2016, 03:56:36 PM »

I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials.

Software / Re: ER-1 Robot - recycling
« Last post by Chewy on September 29, 2016, 02:44:47 PM »
Hi Al

 I re-downloaded and scanned with AVG anti virus.  No problems were detected.  The web hosting service (Weebly) also scanned the files for issues before posting them.  What anti virus package are you using?

Software / Re: ER-1 Robot - recycling
« Last post by algtrader on September 29, 2016, 10:33:13 AM »

Thanks!  I am having issues downloading the two zip files - the computer thinks the files have viruses.  Did you have the same issues?

Software / Re: ER-1 Robot - recycling
« Last post by Chewy on September 28, 2016, 09:40:18 PM »
Hi Algtrader
  You can download new updated drivers from  The original drivers did not work with anything newer than Windows XP but these are  modified  drivers and work with newer versions of Windows.   They are unsigned drivers requiring a non standard installation.   

To setup / use:
  a.   Enter  the unsigned driver installation mode by:
      i.   Open the 'Run dialog'  (press Win+R)
     ii.    type shutdown.exe /r /o /f /t 00
    iii.    After rebooting into the 'Options Menu', click 'Troubleshoot' and then 'Advanced Options'.
    iv.   Click 'startup settings' and then 'reboot'.
     v.    After rebooting, click option 7 'Disable driver signature enforcement' and reboot.
  b.   Navigate to the RCM Driver folder of the download package.
  c.   Right click on the file ftdibus.inf and click on install.  Follow the prompts.
  d.   Right click on the file ftdiport.inf and click on install.  Follow the prompts.
  e.   Connect the ER1. to your laptop. 

Electronics / what parts do i need for my robot
« Last post by roboticsman on September 28, 2016, 12:12:28 PM »
I want my robot to contain about 20 MB of data or a little more, this will be mostly in text. some pictures so that it can recognize one or two particular objects. So obviously, i want a camera connected to it and i want it to be able to save images (no need to display them, just save, i would access them through a PC later. HOWEVER, i do want it to have an output text screen, ie, i want it to be able to display text on a screen, just plain text.)

I also want it to be controlled by speech recognition, so it has to be able to accept voice input. Also, i want it to be capable of producing voice output, but only one or two prerecorded sounds.

lastly, an infrared sensor will be used for distance gauging and a push button one for contact.

summary of needs:
microcontroller and parts required to:
  • store at least 20 MB of data, text (the microcontroller needs to be able to access this text and run algorithms on it, GET data only, not change it), and images (images only for image recognition)
  • allow saving images taken by the camera
  • speech recognition as input
  • output audio (only one or two prerecorded sounds)
  • output plain text on a screen
  • equip an infrared sensor for measuring distance and contact push buttons for detecting contact

if relevant, i am using tracked wheels, two dc motors, the robot will move upon detecting an object using the camera. i will decide what motor controller to use when one of you good fellows lets me know what microcontroller would be adept for my wants.

Note: for speech recognition input, i know i will use an advanced sound sensor, and for the infrared and push button sensors i obviously know what I'm using, same with the camera. I only mentioned these ones so you would know what i need the micro controller i use to be capable of. But as for the data storage and saving photos and screen, i have no idea what i can use as i have never used anything similar in a robot before
« Last post by woody01dw on September 27, 2016, 05:52:38 AM »

Completely new to the forum and predominantly specialise in product design.  I currently work for a company designing a new product to be launched next summer.  We are having difficulty designing a circuit to support/run the product.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and there is scope to pay for any design/test work completed and assistance with future products.  Simple money!

Summary of requirement:
1) Motor required to drive a conveyor belt (torque equivalent to stretching a thick elastic band/catapult)
2) Motor speed to remain the same throughout
3) Motor required to complete 1 turn cycle of the conveyor belt
4) Be able to control the time between cycles (from 20 second intervals to 180 second intervals)
5) Motor is to be off during intervals
6) Simple interval control panel required for user convenience
7) Re-chargeable battery with at least 8 hours of product life (similar to re-chargeable remote control cars etc)
8) Simple/robust design for use with outdoor products (cheap to manufacture)

Simply put - you turn the product on, the motor turns the conveyor belt once, the motor then stops (for a period between 20 & 180 seconds), it then starts again and turns the conveyor belt once more... and so on and so on.  It must be able to do this for at least 8 hours on a re-chargeable battery.  It must also have a simple interval control system, be robust and therefore cheap to manufacture.

If you think you can help or require more information, please reply or email me directly at [email protected]

I look forward to working together.

Software / ER-1 Robot - recycling
« Last post by algtrader on September 26, 2016, 08:47:56 PM »

I was cleaning up our guest room and found my ER-1 Robot.  I want to check if anyone here has the software, i.e., the drivers for the robot.  I was able to download the Robot Control Center but cannot find the driver for the ER-1 robot control module.

I was planning to drive the robot via the USB ports of my laptop but not using the ER-1 software which came with the robot.  I think there is still some value in learning how to program it using .net.

Or if the software is not available anymore, can you suggest a way of recycling the ER-1? I'm thinking I can still use the frame and the stepper motors which came with the robot and interface it to an Arduino uno microcontroller unit.

Thanks in advance

Robot Videos / Cataglyphis: The Autonomous Rover that won NASA Centennial Challenge
« Last post by gy60356 on September 26, 2016, 11:18:57 AM »
Hi, I am new to this forum (first post here!). Checkout our robot, Cataglyphis, that recently won the NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge:

Cataglyphis is a bio-inspired robot that uses many similar strategies as the Cataglyphis in nature - Australia desert ant.

Electronics / Arducopter in Loiter Mode to with Tersus RTK
« Last post by Tersus GNSS on September 26, 2016, 01:28:10 AM »
Arducopter in Loiter Mode to with Tersus RTK … Check it out…
Original from Mr. Michael Oborne and his Ardupilot Dev Team in Australia.

I am a GPS RTK engineer from Tersus GNSS. Tersus GNSS is a start-up company from Switzerland who make least expensive, reliable, centimeter-level positioning accuracy GPS RTK boards for surveying, precision agriculture, and drones, etc. Our RTK boards can be integrated to other host devices or served as an independent GNSS receiver at a very affordable price.

In the meantime, we offer bundle kit with related antennas, cables which aim to make your application easy and convenient. If you are interested and want to know details of technical specifications, drop us a line to [email protected] or visit
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