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Electronics / Re: New Robot Builder here
« Last post by MichaelSchaap on May 10, 2015, 04:28:03 PM »
Thanks much. I decided to go with the Continous Rotation servos and Wheels that are sold here.


They already drilled the holes in the wheels to directly attach to the servos. What's more is for every servo you buy you get a FREE WHEEL!

Thanks again for the input!


P.S.  The amount of questions this board asks to prove you are human is ridiculous. Oy.
Electronics / Re: camera advice and help
« Last post by Tommy on May 10, 2015, 02:18:53 PM »
There seem to be tons of cameras out there what camera worked for you?

blessingspoint, because I have 5 cameras I have to use wired IP cameras (wired to the router).
I have 2 Dlink  DCS-920 that need to be wired because of the latency they cause, I have 3 Linksys
WVC80N, 2 are using wifi to the router, one is wired(router only has 4 inputs).

I have to make do with what I can find, there are tons of better cameras out there, just using outdoor
cameras save tons of frustrations, all of my cameras needed wide angle lens installed.

My current frustration is low quality video, I can't see what grass has already been cut on any of
my cameras. working with a line laser and webcam to resolve that issue. 

Electronics / Re: New Robot Builder here
« Last post by bdeuell on May 10, 2015, 01:35:03 PM »
the hobby servo wheels I have seen/used mount directly to the servo. you would remove the servo arm and replace with the wheel. The servo has a splined connection (you will want to make sure this is compatible as different suppliers have different standards). The screw is used to hold the wheel/arm onto the servo.

as for the battery:

The uno board has an onboard linear voltage regulator, this can accept a voltage in the specified range and will supply a constant 5VDC to the microcontroller. the on board linear regulator can not handle a very high current especially at higher input voltages. the regulator is more than sufficient to power the microcontroller but a advise against powering the servos through this regulator. For this reason i recommend picking a battery that has a voltage that matches your servo specs. you will also need to be sure that the battery voltage remains in the Uno's specified input range throughout its discharge.

you want to pick a battery with a GREATER discharge current than your system requires. the battery will only supply the amount of current that your system draws. the discharge current is usually rated in terms of "c" where "c" is equal to the motors capacity (a 2000mah battery has a c=2000ma). a very common maximum discharge rating is 1c but some batteries have higher ratings. You will also want to consider the runtime for your robot and size the battery accordingly.

Electronics / Re: camera advice and help
« Last post by blessingspoint on May 10, 2015, 01:32:03 PM »
Thanks for the reply can you tell me more about your setup with the wifi camera and router. There seem to be tons of cameras out there what camera worked for you?.  I am video dumb so to speak.
Misc / Re: Analyzing the Axon series: Coding, Construction, and Contraptions
« Last post by mklrobo on May 10, 2015, 11:22:16 AM »
Axon Series: What is this thing?
OK, good news, well mostly. ???
Got the STK 500 programmer, and everything went fine. The programmer came from
Futian, Shenzhen Guangdong, China. I did not have a problem with the device at all.
There were setup instructions to use for hooking up to the Axon. You will need a 6 pin
adapter from the 10 pin cable from the
programmer, but that came with the unit. I
checked continuity with the ground on the Axon, to make sure that pin matched up
with the pinout instructions on the disk. The setup works without flaw in windows, did not
see a version for Linux.(  :'( )
The programmer "recognized" the Axon, but I still could not program to it. It wants a HEX
file, to download to it. SOooooo, more delving into the programming of the Axon. I will try
both avenues, the programmer and the straight to programming with the mini - usb.
I did get some results, which make me happy  ;D and sad  :'( at the same time. Not as
simple as I once thought.  :-[  I did see something interesting on the programmer; it had
lock out parameters you could enter. I wonder, is this used for commercial boards to prevent
someone taking your program? That would safeguard your software intellectual property. Always wanted to know how they did that;  :-X this must be the way, because, why have this extra hardware, when
every other board in the world programs straight to the board? So, I guess, this will become a
late Friday night, creature feature with pizza project for me, until I figure it out.  ;D ;D ;D
(Just an excuse to eat more pizza!   ;) )
Electronics / Re: camera advice and help
« Last post by Tommy on May 10, 2015, 09:14:47 AM »
need about a 200 foot range non line of site I do have wifi at the house but not sure I want to go that way.
blessingspoint, as far as cost and ease of implementation goes, Wifi is the way to go. I use wifi on my project but with
my needed range of 600ft I needed an external antenna on both the router(mounted on mower) and wifi adapter(in house).


Electronics / camera advice and help
« Last post by blessingspoint on May 10, 2015, 08:36:25 AM »
This place seems awesome I have always dabbled with robots and electronics. My new project is a remote lawn mower. My goal is to be able to mow from the house. So far I have the hardware side all done. Just ordered a sabertooth 2- 25 motor driver for my 2  power chair motors. I need advice and help with a camera system. Control of the mower will be done by rc radio. What are some options that are easy and cost effective  need about a 200 foot range non line of site I do have wifi at the house but not sure I want to go that way. Have some old routers I could use ect.
Misc / Re: special education robot assistant
« Last post by mklrobo on May 10, 2015, 07:31:35 AM »
 ;D Hello!
In reference to your post, I would offer my opinion...
If guidance is all you need, I would install speakers, motion detectors, etc, in the places where he is, and have an AI (artificial Intelligece) on your PC. That way, no robotic parts gets broken, or torn up. Install sensors to help in voice guidance,
generated from the PC program. I get alot of inspiration from robot movies, old and
new. The Robot video section in this forum, has great ideas. I will try to cover this type of AI in my post in the miscellaneous.  Good Luck!!!   ;D ;D ;D
Electronics / Re: How to control our robot?
« Last post by mklrobo on May 10, 2015, 07:24:34 AM »
 ;D Hello!
Building a robot, can be a daunting task. I try to cover all the points
in my post in the miscellanous section; Analyzing the Axon: Coding, Construction, and Contraptions. I have just started myself, and are logging
all the triumphs and tribulations. Good Luck!   ;D ;D ;D
Misc / special education robot assistant
« Last post by aparente001 on May 10, 2015, 07:08:06 AM »
I saw a video of a robot used in special education with children on the autism spectrum (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQcjfebQXgQ). My son isn't autistic, he has Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, executive function problems, and OCD. A robot could be quite helpful for him. Where can I buy one? I don't need it to look like a human being. It just needs to be interactive. Here's an example.  As my son is getting ready for bed, he needs someone to talk him through his steps, give him positive feedback, and ask questions like "Okay, you're in your pajamas. Great! What else do you need to do to get ready for bed?" And the robot would have a mental list (preprogrammed) of everything that's needed (brush teeth, wash face, put on eczema ointment, put dirty clothes in hamper). My son is 12 and would like to get ready by himself -- without Mama or Papa -- but he gets sidetracked when he's in his room on his own. The robot doesn't need to be able to "see" him brushing his teeth. He just needs to be able to hear my son saying, "I brushed my teeth." When the two of them together decide he has made it through his routine, then they can call me in, and I'll check, and then we'll do our bedtime reading.

That's an example of what I have in mind. There are other situations where I could imagine a robot being helpful for him.

I'd like a system where I can provide some custom instructions to the robot.
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