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Misc / Check out these Full Color 3D prints! What does this mean for Robotics?
« Last post by aaajones on September 07, 2017, 03:02:22 PM »

Robot Videos / Re: Robotic walking aid for the cisually impaired feedback
« Last post by Raontronicex on September 03, 2017, 07:02:33 PM »
Hey Captain Awesome,

Nice username by the way. I think for a prototype it's served it's purpose quite well. I'd probably include a cover on the top if this is going to be a future project that you'll be working on. I missed whether or not the cane is adjustable, but I think it's a very noble build.

Good work.

Robot Videos / Re: One of my proud creations. The super cheap humanoid
« Last post by Raontronicex on September 03, 2017, 06:56:28 PM »
Will you be sharing any of the write up information that you have on here or could you give a direct link to some so I could read and learn from them? Thank you.

Mechanics and Construction / 3D scanning robot for ruins
« Last post by JohnyRobot on September 02, 2017, 10:46:28 AM »
At first, I wanted to say 'hello' to everyone. I'm into robotics for some time, but didn't register to the forum before :)

Have an idea to build an autonomous robot to scan old and sometimes ruined buildings for my company. The best thing would be to build on something of-the-shelf and then add my custom scanning equipment.

Came across this thing couple of days ago:

As I see they offer a DIY kit and have RaspberryPi inside, so I could connect using Ethernet to my scanner.

Here's the question: does anybody here know the Turtle Rover? I mean, is it worth to buy it for $1100 as a kit?
Misc / Sitewide Sale - 15% Off Everything at ServoCity
« Last post by ServoCity on September 02, 2017, 09:29:08 AM »
15% Off our entire site- that means EVERYTHING - servos, gear motors, wiring, actuators, robot kits and more!

Mechanics and Construction / What are the benefits of studying robotics?
« Last post by Rosypeter on September 01, 2017, 06:27:43 AM »
What are the benefits of studying robotics?
Electronics / Full color 3D printer for the robotics
« Last post by aaajones on August 31, 2017, 04:53:48 PM »
Hello everyone, I work for XYZprinting, Inc., the world?s leading consumer 3D printing manufacturer, and I want to extend a special announcement for all of you. This September marks the release of the world?s first full color FDM printer, the da Vinci Color. With the da Vinci Color, designers are able to make prints that cover the full spectrum of color due to 3D Color Jet technology. This means that we?ve combined CMYK Inkjet technology and FDM printing to bring you a machine that creates prints in the same image as your design.
As a forum that deals with animation/architecture/robotics, having a prototype that looks exactly as your design can be key for persuading producers/executives/companies to invest in/create your product. Plus, not having to deal with post-production tooling will enable you to turn in completed products faster and easier.
See our sample pictures below and follow this link if you?d like to know more about the da Vinci Color:

How do you think?
Misc / Check out my robotics blog!
« Last post by steelshot on August 31, 2017, 04:37:15 AM »
Hi all,

Recently I have been blogging my robotic pursuits and I would love it if you guys would have a look at it.


Its mostly me documenting what I do and also a few handy tutorials in there.

Hope you enjoy it!
Mechanics and Construction / Re: Bipedal Robot for my business mascot.
« Last post by chriscristini on August 26, 2017, 06:41:35 PM »
Small update I took a good part of the day making its shoulders and a part of its chest hoping I can find solder able servo horns for large scale that would make life easier for the shoulders simple linkages made from the galvanized wire won't be strong enough to lift the arms.

Here is another short video.

There is obviously a whole lot left not even mentioning figuring out what to use for a skin like latex foam or something and the molds. I now work 2 jobs and work on this at least 2hrs a day its so far been just a little bit over a week so I have come pretty far I think.
Software / Re: Dweeno Link: Visual Basic robot control
« Last post by Doug83 on August 26, 2017, 11:51:20 AM »
In this stage we will add 20 user-editable buttons.
They can be customized by typing the desired settings directly, or by loading (or saving) already-existing settings from a text file. This way you can have as many different button config files as you want, and you can still use any of them easily.

Step 1: drag a TabControl control onto the form, and drag it out big as shown below. (I have moved the "Serial connection" groupbox to make more room).

Step 2: with the new TabControl highlighted, open the property that says TabPages.

Step 3: a dialog box that is titled "TabPage Collection Editor" should open. On the left side, highlight "TabPage1". On the right, find the property "Text" and change it to say "Buttons".

Step 4: On the left side again, highlight "TabPage2". On the right, find the property "Text" and change it to say "Button settings". Press the [OK] button to close that dialog. If you did it correctly, the two TabControl tabs on-screen should now say "Buttons" and "Button settings".

Step 5: Click on the Buttons tab on the TabControl, drag twenty buttons onto it and arrange them as shown below. Change each button's Name property by adding the letters "UP" onto the front--so that Button1 is renamed to UPButton1, and so on. Do that for all twenty buttons. You want them to be named UPButton_1 through UPButton_20 when you are done.

(-the Text properties of the buttons will still say Button1 through Button20, but that isn't important right now. You don't need to change that. Just rename the buttons-)

Step 6: drag twenty labels onto the form as shown above, placing each one at the upper-left corner of each button. Change each label's Text property to the same ending number as the button has (-the reason we are adding these labels is because the text on these buttons is going to be editable by changing text boxes on the other tab, and so you need some way other than the button's text to identify which button is which-).

Note: the buttons don't need to be in straight columns and rows, it was just easier to show the example that way. You can move them around later if you want. You just need to make sure you keep the correct text label next to its button.

Step 7: Now change to the Settings tab on the TabControl. Create a button on the Settings tab, and change its name to LoadUBF_Button. Change its text to say "Load user-set button file". ------- (For these next steps, see the next image further below)

Step 8: create another button and change its name to UPButtons_UseEdits_Button. Change its text to say "Post edits without saving file".

Step 9: Create another button and change its name to SaveUBF_Button. Change its text to say "Save user-set button file".

Step 10: Create a textbox under the left-side button and change its name to UBFpath_TextBox. Change the ReadOnly property to true.

Step 11: Next you need to create a series of textboxes and labels as shown below. The green overlaid text tells what the names of the textboxes must be changed to. When you are done you will have one series of textboxes named UBText_TextBox1 through UBText_TextBox20 and anther series named UBCom_TextBox1 through UBCom_TextBox20, arranged in two groups of two separate columns. The labels only need their text properties changed as you see, none of the labels needs to be renamed.

Step 12: In the ToolBox, open the Dialogs section and drag an OpenFileDialog control onto your form (drop it anywhere) and then drag a CloseFileDialog onto the form (also drop it anywhere). A new panel under the form display will appear, and these two controls will be displayed in there. By default their names will be OpenFileDialog1 and CloseFileDialog1, and just leave their names like that.

Step 13: copy everything from the PasteBin link below, and paste that over everything on the code-view tab of the Dweeno Link project.

There should be no errors showing at this point.
You can try running it now if you want, just to see that it does,,, but there's no button config file to use yet.

Step 14: the OpenFileDialog will be set to open in the My Documents folder.
Go into your My Documents folder and create another folder named dweeno_link. Then inside that folder, make another folder named button_configs. Inside that folder create a plain text file named user_set_buttons_01.txt
Copy the text from the pastebin link below into that text file and save it.

Each line of this file has three dividing vertical bars (|||, ASCII#124) that separate the file line into four sections.
The first part (button) and the second part (a number) is just indicating what button that line refers to.
The third section is the text that will be used on the button. (Note: no vertical bars allowed)
The fourth section is the actual command that the button will send out over the USB/serial port.

The last line of the text file is just the letters EOF, for an end-of-file marker.

In my example file, only the first three buttons have button text and commands assigned to them. The rest of them don't at the moment. If you don't need to use a button then you can just leave the last line section blank. The Dweeno Link program is set to skip sending it, and pop up a message box that says the button has no command to send.

You can edit the button configuration files directly if you want and then just re-load the button configuration file in Dweeno Link, but you can also edit and save them while in the Dweeno Link program.


Now try running the Dweeno Link program again.

On the Settings tab, the left upper button [Load user-set button file] is for loading a button configuration file. Open the file in dweeno_link\button_configs\user_set_buttons_01.txt

The first three button textboxes should show text and a command in them, that sends to the Arduino when they are clicked on. The rest of the buttons aren't set, so they won't do anything yet.

The right upper button [Save user-set button file] does two things. Whatever button text and commands are in all those text boxes gets saved as the named button file, and the button text get re-copied to the actual command buttons so that the command buttons say what they're supposed to.

The center button  [Post edits without saving file] is for using changes without saving a file: if you want to edit any buttons but don't want to save those edits as a file, then clicking on [Post edits without saving file] copies the button text from the Settings tab into the command buttons themselves--but DOES NOT save the file.

Whenever you click on a button on the first tab, it will send whatever serial message is in its corresponding Button command textbox on the second tab.
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