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Electronics / Re: Sending emails
« Last post by jwatte on April 04, 2014, 03:45:41 PM »
If you can run the mail server yourself, and have that forward to your mail ISP, then you might be able to do this from an Arduino WiFi shield. The reason it's unlikely you could send the alarm directly from the WiFi shield to your ISP is because modern mail sending protocols require a lot of processing power (often using TLS/SSL, check-before-send authentication, etc.)
A Raspberry Pi should have no problem doing that, assuming you configure it right.
Software / Re: Robotic vision: Coding issues
« Last post by jwatte on April 04, 2014, 03:43:06 PM »
You connect a RPi to Arduino using USB, just like to any other PC/computer.
The 256 MB version of the RPi only has one USB port. If you want to use USB to connect both an Arduino and a Webcam, that won't work (without a separate hub, which increases price and weight.)
If you go with the Raspberry Pi specific camera, rather than a USB webcam, then you can use the remaining USB port for talking to the Arduino.
If you want to get started with Raspberry Pi programming, there's a good forum over on They're quite friendly to newbies.
Also, there exists a distribution of ROS for Raspberry Pi. This will require more learning up-front to get going, but will also then give you a lot of pre-built functionality, like vision tracking, navigation control, etc. You'd probably need the 512MB version to run ROS.
Electronics / Sending emails
« Last post by vipulan12 on April 04, 2014, 02:13:48 PM »
hey guys,I am working on an ISU I am wondering if i could use the arduino wifi shield to send emails

basically i am building a simple alarm system which when triggered sends an email to myself and alert me when i get the email on my phone

if not, the raspberry pi would be the next step(do i need to learn python and make a program)
  or could it be done with this module :

any other recommendations or ideas are welcome, thanks
Software / Re: Robotic vision: Coding issues
« Last post by jtetera on April 04, 2014, 11:56:38 AM »
Thanks for your advice.
The rasberry setup seems just OK given my budget and requirements, as the two robot kits you mentioned are a) expensive b) don't meet the vision requirements. The robot I designed is not even fully humanoid, it has some tank-like belts.
However, i don't have any experience with raspberries or even unix itself. And i also have no idea how to connect it to an arduino or such which would control subsystems (movement, servos etc.)
Do you know any tutorial sites?¨

EDIT: Is the 256 MB RAM version of raspberry enough to do the job?
Software / Re: Robotic vision: Coding issues
« Last post by jwatte on April 04, 2014, 11:23:49 AM »
Computer vision is a pretty hard area. As someone said: "Everything has been tried, and nothing works." :-)

What kind of CPU are you using for the detection? An Arduino or other small microcontroller is not going to be able to do the processing you need.

The lowest-cost system I can think of that would do a good job would be a Raspberry Pi plus the Pi camera (or a low-cost USB webcam, which will weigh slightly more.) The Pi could also do high-level IK and pathing for the servos, but would need some help (a small microcontroller or servo controller board) to drive the servos needed.

I'd probably start from some existing humanoid robot, such as the Dongbu Hovis, or the Robotis Bioloid.
Misc / Re: Stepper driver
« Last post by waltr on April 04, 2014, 10:01:39 AM »
Never heard of or used that part.
Link to data sheet????
Mechanics and Construction / [advertisement] New Stepper Motor Mounts
« Last post by ServoCity on April 04, 2014, 09:18:06 AM »

These new stepper motor mounts allow you to integrate stepper motors into your robotic project that requires precise position control.  By incorporating the .770” and the 1.50” hub pattern, it is easy to connect nearly any Actobotics™ component including channel.  Mounts are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for superior strength and durability. Start building your 3D printer or precision camera slide now!  Each mount will come with the fasteners required to attach your stepper motor. Sizes available – NEMA 14, NEMA 17 (NEMA 8, NEMA 11, and NEMA 23 coming soon!)

Software / Robotic vision: Coding issues
« Last post by jtetera on April 04, 2014, 08:46:33 AM »
After finishing my third minisumo robot, i decided to make a robot for playing football, navigated via CMOS vision sensors (was thinking about the one located at ). However, i can't find any useful code for the processing (blob detection, will be used for detecting the ball). It will not be used for ranging (have ultrasonic sensors for that). Currently i have no idea about such systems and only used I2C once or twice.
I am using Arduino Uno. I'd also appreciate examples for other platforms and other camera chips. My goal is just to get the damn thing working.

Thanks in advance.
Mechanics and Construction / Re: Electronic components
« Last post by venturemfg on April 04, 2014, 04:23:25 AM »
On ebay you find sources that offer free shipping. For me the best way is to buy direct from those manufacturer's website  that are not very big players and ask for free shipping. They also agreed on that (most of times) if I am buying a good amount of products from them.
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