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Software / Re: 50 dollar robot building error
« Last post by jkerns on November 30, 2014, 06:56:29 PM »

3. Set the external make file as 'makefile'

Is it necessary to use an external makefile? Usually Atmel Studio builds just fine without playing around with makefiles. Are you following instructions for Atmel Studio or some other build environment?
Software / Re: 50 dollar robot building error
« Last post by Webbot on November 30, 2014, 05:55:38 PM »
Looks like some kind of config error - last image contains a 'path not found' error.
Hard to comment further as I don't use Atmel Studio
Electronics / Accelerometer/gyro data to serial port using bluetooth.
« Last post by Seras on November 30, 2014, 05:15:44 PM »
Hi I am looking for a way to send accelerometer/gyro data via Bluetooth. My thoughts so far are to use an RFduino and something along the lines of a MPU-6050 but since I am on a limited size factor (somewhere along the lines of the outermost bit of a thumb) I do not want to use breakout boards. Here is an example of what I want to achieve but without using the breakout boards (or at least get the finished product really tiny):

(Any help on the matter would mean a lot to me, thanks in advance  ;D)
I still haven't bought any electronics so I am still not limited to anything so if you have a better idea please tell me.
Electronics / End of arm vision systems
« Last post by McCouchsky on November 30, 2014, 01:27:47 PM »
What would be the best vision system available on the market that can be attached to the end of a large robotic arm (like an industrial robot) and can be used to guide the arm to a drop/pick/weld etc point.

Say if you placed the robot near the workpiece and needed the arm to figure out by itself where to move, using its camera to locate reference points on the workpiece, and then using the x y and z coordinates to move both around and into (3D) place?

Are there vision systems like this?
Software / Re: 50 dollar robot code building error
« Last post by Zevoo on November 30, 2014, 11:57:22 AM »
Could you check out my other post. I have encountered another problem while building the code.
Mechanics and Construction / Making an impossible to juggle juggling club
« Last post by MrPrezident on November 29, 2014, 11:13:17 PM »
I'm trying to make a juggling club that looks like a regular juggling club, but has moving parts inside of it such that the moment of inertia changes randomly making it extremely difficult to juggle.  I was thinking that I would use some sort of linear actuator for the dowel that would move the weight back and forth between the center of the club and the end of the club.  The problem is that the linear actuator would need to small enough to fit inside of the club, strong enough to be a structural part of the club and be able to withstand dropping on the ground etc, and would also need to be fast.  Accuracy is not needed at all.  I would even be fine with pulling the weight on a spring and then letting it go or something like that.  The power source would also have to fit inside the club.

Here is an example of what the club would look like.  This club has a wooden dowel inside that runs the length of the club from top to bottom.  I would probably be replacing the wooden dowel with something that would be able to move the weight around and also replace the function of the dowel.
Misc / Re: What is the best system to work with Axon
« Last post by Gertlex on November 29, 2014, 04:32:43 PM »
I finally got around to actually doing a thing or two (aka compiling some code in webbotlibstudio), and with Webbot's explanation of what WLS is doing, I amend my suggestion to the following:

- Per Webbot, install 64bit Java.
alternately, if you're lazy/bad
- Remove the .dll.32 version of msys-1.0, then make a copy of the .dll.64 version and rename it so that it is msys-1.0.dll.32

2) Either reinstall WLS, or do a manual rebuild of the AVR libraries in the WLS install folder.
Software / Re: 50 dollar robot code building error
« Last post by Webbot on November 29, 2014, 01:54:58 PM »
In your up to date AVR Studio:-
try changing
Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]
The SIGNAL mechanism has been deprecated for a while. Newer compiler versions now drop it and say that its poisined.  Its replaced by the more recent ISR mechanism
Misc / Re: What is the best system to work with Axon
« Last post by Webbot on November 29, 2014, 01:44:35 PM »
Webbot, would this be fixable in the next WLS version? Or should I add something to the Axon FAQ to help others who have this prob?

My main issue is I no longer have a 32 bit machine to test against !
So a 32 bit Java running on a 64 bit machine just adds extra noise.
Will i fix it - well the easiest fix will be to add something into the WLS startup so that if the bitness of your Java doesn't agree with the bitness of the cpu then to explain the problem and refuse to start.
This is probably easier then trying to fix the problem. Its probably better that folk install 64 bit Java on a a 64 bit machine as it will probably run better anyway.
Misc / Re: [advertisement] ServoCity Cyber Monday Flyer HOT DEALS
« Last post by ServoCity on November 29, 2014, 09:24:31 AM »
Check out the Stacker Robot starring in the Golden Ticket Video:
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