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Software / Resistive Touch Screen with Arduino HELP
« Last post by jplopes31 on June 29, 2016, 06:56:04 AM »

Hi Guys,
I wanna do a Stewart Platform but I'm having difficult...
I have a resistive touch screen with 5 wires, and I need make it talk with the Arduino, but I have no idea how to do this.
Can someone help me?
Thanks guys.
Mechanics and Construction / Re: My Advanced Realistic Humanoid Robot Project
« Last post by artbyrobot1 on June 26, 2016, 04:26:42 AM »

Here is my latest progress on the bot.  It is a mesh capture of my face and neck to be used to aid in sculpting the robot's skull and defining the mass of its neck.
Robot Videos / Robotics into your workplace
« Last post by correct1991 on June 25, 2016, 05:16:06 AM »
Electronics / Good durable servo for product
« Last post by Kyle Berezin on June 23, 2016, 02:50:34 PM »
I am one of the founders of OpenMYR, a startup that will soon be delivering a Wifi stepper motor and WiFi hobby servo controller to Kickstarter. The issue I am having is choosing a good micro hobby servo to ship with the board. Originally I intended to use the cheap plastic tower pro servo motor, it only costs about $1.30ea in the quantity we were looking to buy. I didn't intend them to be long term motors, just something to use out of the box without inflating the cost of the whole product.

The issue is the test ones we bought were breaking left and right, I was able to snap a gear tooth off by simply telling the servo to push against a solid object. I upgraded to the metal geared MG90s ($1.90ea) and had better luck at first, however after a bit of use, 1 lost its axle-gear grip on an internal gear, one gets its position wrong if it gets warm, and 4 were fried on a 12 volt rail (not the motors fault). I had 8, 4 fried, and 2 failed. That is 50% failure. I'm worried if I ship with chintzy OEM motors our backers won't have faith in our product longevity even though we don't make the servos. What is a durable low cost motor? I don't need strength or accuracy or response, these are just so you have something that works out of the box. Or would you personally be ok with getting a cheap motor since it brings the cost down and you already intend on replacing it with your own. Remember, if you believe I should offer multiple options, the cost of all of them goes up due to the quantity being split across 2 products.

Opinions or options are both welcome.

Kyle Berezin
Mechanics and Construction / Max Weight Classes
« Last post by jcsymmes on June 23, 2016, 08:20:32 AM »
Working on a quick protoype of  a design idea.

Looking for an existing  prefably cheep robotic wheeled platorom that can move ideally 30 pounds on a flat surface. I could work to lower the payload a bit but ideally not. Any ideas of what would work well.

Was thinking of hacking a Hoverboard, but wondering if that maybe to complex from what i have seen online. If there is any of its competitors out there that can be easily arduinoed that would be useful .
Mechanics and Construction / not able to make my robot turn at times
« Last post by riki on June 21, 2016, 02:08:57 PM »
I have made a basic robot using 4 dc motors and three way switches. It performed fully when i tested at home. But at the time of the robowar it jst refused to turn. From then onwards it turns only at rare occassions. I cant figure out the problem. Please help
Software / Microcontroller Help
« Last post by pina_coleata on June 21, 2016, 09:57:42 AM »
A team and I are creating a robot. The robot will have two wheels, and use differential drive. I am looking to program the micro-controller myself. I understand how to program, but I don't know what micro-controller to use. Should I use an Arduino, an AMD, or something entirely different? This robot will be RC controlled.

Thank you in advance,
Mechanics and Construction / Base for Robot Arm
« Last post by nickwalt on June 20, 2016, 12:10:07 PM »
I'm making a robot arm (my first one) and I'm trying to figure how to actuate the base. The arm will have a rotatable base with a 20cm tall tower on it, but I'm worried if I simply attach the servo to the tower then the moment from the outstretched arm will be too much stress on it. What's a good solution for this? Do I just have two discs touching each other so they hold the force and have the servo actuate the upper one? Or will that cause too much friction?

Any resources or help would be great!
Electronics / Re: DTMF 8870 Circuit Explanation
« Last post by Victor on June 15, 2016, 01:50:00 AM »
Hi,And thanks for posting back what worked, insanity schedule pdf it'll presumably facilitate others having similar problems.
Electronics / Motherboard and a high end gpu on robot
« Last post by munim on June 14, 2016, 11:25:33 PM »
Is there possible a way to get power from 12v batteries to power gpus like Nvidia Quadro or other high end gpus for image processing?
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