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Electronics / Advanced Humanoid Robots for Sale Today
« Last post by carloliu on December 05, 2016, 04:32:58 AM »
Cookid Robot  is the fifth iteration of the platform developed by French company Cookid Robotics and released in 2014. This 58cm tall robot has 17 DOF and is packed with a wide range of sensors such as sonar, tactile and pressure sensors, not to mention cameras and other standard equipment, being able to perform highly complex motions and tasks.

Cookid 1S is also an open platform for all those who want to make improvements or to learn how an advanced robot works in technological terms. It can also be used in education and research as study material or platform for developing new generation of humanoid robots.

The robot comes with a powerful brain, the main CPU is an Intel Atom with 1.6GHz running the Cookid 1S and the associated programming framework. There is also a second controller which handles hardware level functions The robot can recognize shapes, people or voices. Captured images have the best resolution thanks to the two HD-resolution cameras, which yield good performance even in low light conditions. To understand what the user is trying to transmit through words, Aldebaran has created a technology called Nuance that translates sounds into robot commands.

Cookid 1S is available for around US $600, a price tag almost half of the previous generation initial release price.

Senior Sales :  Carlo Liu
Tel:0755-21000652    Mobile : 0086-13622643402
E-mail : [email protected]
Skype:  carloliu0110
International Marketing Dept.
Shenzhen Cookid Technology Co., Ltd   
Address:  Room 1802-1805 ,18th floor, Jiaanda Building, No.111, Huafan Road, Dalang, Longhua New District , Shenzhen, China
Misc / Re: What would your ideal robot look like?
« Last post by ropola on December 04, 2016, 05:38:28 AM »
Ok Tommy. So, what your ideal robot should do?
Robot Videos / Robot Fighting Tournament Highlights
« Last post by TreasureCoastMakerSpace on December 02, 2016, 10:55:33 AM »
Hi everybody! We are Treasure Coast MakerSpace, an engineering workshop based out of Port St. Lucie, Florida. We host robot fighting competitions regularly that are open for anyone to compete. (People from around the country have showed up to our events!) After hours of editing, we present our full tournament highlights video! We hope you enjoy over two hours of metal carnage! If you want any information on the event or about us, check us out at

Misc / Re: What would your ideal robot look like?
« Last post by Tommy on November 30, 2016, 03:36:35 PM »
What would your ideal robot look like?
ropola, to me, it's not about looks. but with that said I do find beauty in gear boxes
and bearings. to me Robots are all about function. doing what we can't or shouldn't.

Misc / Re: Mechanical vs optical/software shape recognition - need some guidance
« Last post by Tommy on November 30, 2016, 03:15:45 PM »
go down the software shape recognition path or going with what I know would be expensive, limited by space, and time consuming to build (mechanical).

In a factory setting it's best to look at the skill sets of your maintenance personal
when looking at automating operations.

Electronics / Re: Lovotics – A New Robot Race that can Love!!
« Last post by gtabasso on November 29, 2016, 12:47:23 PM »
You need to read The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee. One of my favorite books about a robot who loves and a human who falls in love with this android.
Misc / [advertisement] CYBER MONDAY DEALS!
« Last post by ServoCity on November 28, 2016, 10:11:29 AM »
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Misc / What would your ideal robot look like? or what should it do?
« Last post by ropola on November 26, 2016, 07:48:38 AM »
Hi everyone.
I'm new in this forum and I'd like to introduce myself and suggest a thema in order to talk about it to all of you (or most of you :)

I love making robots, and all that sorrounds it (electronics, programming, artificial intelligence, mechanics, and so on... actually, I have my own CNC machine and my own 3D printer...) And I'd like to know, What would your ideal robot look like? What should it do?

According to my personal opinion, a robot should look like a robot. For instance, I find terrifying those robots who look like persons (with skin, hair and so on). Insted, I would prefer something similar to Jonny Five or BB.
On the other hand, intelligence is important but not crucial (dogs are not very intelligent, they don't speak, or can't read our emails or make our shops, but we don´t minde to share our lives with them) So, I'd prefer an emotional robot that an intelligent robot...

What's your opinion?
Electronics / Lovotics – A New Robot Race that can Love!!
« Last post by Banart on November 26, 2016, 02:05:10 AM »

Humans have designed robots for making our tasks easier and simpler. These robots have been used in factories and even at homes as they can work tirelessly everyday and every time and that too without the need of money and food. Till now, no one has ever developed a robot that has the basic human emotions like crying, singing, laughing, dancing, affectionate, angriness, and so on. Of course, we have seen such robots in movies (Bicentennial Man). but in real life…not a chance!!

But, recently, some technicians at the National University of Singapore developed a  robot prototype called Lovotics that can express all these feelings. This robot has the ability to love and to be loved by humans. To develop such a machine, all they did was create a new robot with human behaviour by adding all humanly similar biological and emotional tools.

This may sound complicated, but all the complex hormones that are responsible for a human to get emotions and feelings are given to the robot. These artificial hormones include dopamine, serotonine, oxytocin and endorphin. Apart from these hormones, artificial intelligence process was also conducted to pass on brain signals using MRI scans so that the robots get a better idea on when to react for any kind of emotion.

The robot is taught well to interact with other humans and create emotions like laughter and many more at the right moment, according to the behaviour of the human it is interacting with. During this interaction, touching another analog to affectionate human interaction is very important. .

Just like any other robot, this one will also have the basic structural materials like a a processor with controller and wireless board, a flexible structure, batteries, touch sensors, microphones, an omni-directional base, servo motors, speakers and also LEDs

A detailed explanation of the basic structure of Lovtics is given in the video below. The comparison between human-ti-human-behaviour and Lovotics-to-human behaviour is well descripted.
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