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polar bear6:
what is the easiest programming language for PIC?
i have heard that PBasic is the easiest programming language but that is for Basic Stamp not PIC right?

The basic stamp uses a version of BASIC, while PICs are made for C.

As long as your compiler (which converts the higher programming language to a machine level language) can produce a .HEX file in the format required, you can use any language you want for any microcontroller.

I recommend C for PICs.  8)

polar bear6:
but isn't C quite hard to learn?
and by the way I'm buying Boe Bot tomorrow  ;D

If you are buying boe bot just use BASIC.

A programming language is only complicated when the syntax is difficult to master (such as assembly). However, the concepts are what you really need to know to program. Once you learn a concept in one programming language, you can easily do that concept in any other programming language. Concepts include definitions, variables, functions, arrays, trees, pointers, etc.

The reason I say BASIC is easiest is because the syntax is the easiest. But it lacks in features and function, not allowing you to apply more advanced concepts in your programs.

polar bear6:
is Pbasic the same as BASIC?
if i learn Basic, will it be hard to get into C?
and what is C++?


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