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somebody help me please!!!  ???
i have a problem with my assignment..
how to show data from robot to be a map in PC by visual C++??
I use a rotary encoder in my robot which the data is sent to PC and then PC will show it to be a tracer map
may you know the source code...please tell me...
thanks for your help.. ;D
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this is the simplest (although not best) method to do this . . .

create a matrix of X and Y coordinates.

have your robot only turn at 90 degree angles. (if you are really good at math, you could also use trig for any angle)

keep track of your robots location by noting turns made, and distances covered, by using the encoder. output this information to your computer, then use excel to graph the data points recorded.

Unfortunately... I have some difficulties to find another solution for this project. Gimme a good idea plz...

I don't really understand your last post. Whats the difficulty? It is hard to recommend other ways without knowing what the constraints are.

my problem is how to proccess the data that i get from my rotary encoder become a XY map..
when i check my encoder's output, it give data like mechanical encoder in
or may you have mouse optical encoder datasheet so i know the data output from it exactly..


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