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WebbotLib - the next chapter
« on: January 28, 2010, 04:23:19 PM »
Whats new in the world of WebbotLib...

Well I've been rather quiet on the forum as of late because I've been working on a major new addition to WebbotLib and I'm now ready to open this up to 'folk I know' ie those that have made sensible comments via SoR and / or contributions to my lib.

What is it?

Well its a GUI based designer - just drag'n'drop the sensors, motor controllers etc that you want to use in your project. The GUI shows any errors immediately, why wait until runtime, and also has an 'auto-route' function to re-layout your design to get rid of those pesky errors if you don't want to do it by hand.

And more - the GUI shows how to set things like DIP switch settings  for your devices.

So its like auto-configuration.

If that wasn't enough then it also generates all the initialization code for your project based upon the devices you are using.

It will also generate an example 'main loop' program showing you how to read/access the devices you have used.

And more!!

Select your board: Axon II, Axon, Roboduino etc; drop on the extra devices you want, auto layout the pins, generate the code and off you go!!

Before I release this into the real world then I want to 'test it' out on some quinea-pigs. I would have invited people directly but often your email addresses are with-held; and you may not be interested anyway.

So I'm gonna do this on a subscription basis. ie PM me if you are interested. Make sure you include your SoR name and a working email address that I will keep private.

If your application is accepted then I will email with you some logon details into a protected area of my website to get access to these tools. If its not accepted then don't feel bad - I would rather start with 'familiar folk' before rolling out and especially those that have a working knowledge of WebbotLib. And, YES, those familiar folk may have to go through a level of pain in order to make life easier for those that then follow. Such is life.

Apologies if I'm seen to be 'treading gently'. But this is a major development, from newbs to advanced folk, and I wanna get it right before general release (its taken me about 6 months so far!!).

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Re: WebbotLib - the next chapter
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2010, 09:57:48 PM »
I'd just like to chime into this, to add some 'extra credibility'  :P

What Webbot is working on I think is the future of robotics for everyone.

For those familiar with my hardware.h file in my Axon II examples, you should know that after this new WebbotLib program is completed, you'll never need to write (or understand) another hardware.h file. Making robots will only get easier. I'll actively push everyone to start using it as soon as its ready ;D

So if you want to get a head start, or want to have input in the future, I'd recommend joining and helping us debug/improve it. 8)


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