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I want to start using the 18 series of PIC microcontrollers.

I currently use the k8048 velleman programmer for my PIC16 chips. PIC18 aren't supported on this.
I also have a PIC Logicator programmer that i took from school. I haven't tried to get it to work. The software for it is flow chart based and very expensive.

I was wondering, are the limitations in compatability hardware or software related?

The PIC logicator programmer is more sophisticated that the velleman one. I contains a PIC16F84 in its actual circuit. Is this a sort of standard circuit? And if so, would i be able to update the software on the PIC to enable it to be able to flash 18 series PICs?

If none of these will ever program PIC 18s, then what programmer do you recommend? Im not very fussed about it having testing capabilities with LEDs and buttons.


I use PIC 18 series  ;D   They're larger, but they're nice... And not to mention free   8)

The MPLAB IDE program is pretty nice.  It doesn't limit you very much.  If you get an inline debugger (MPLAB ICD 2), it allows you to run your robot and do any tests you want with your microcontroller.  You can input stuff and figure out what may be wrong with your robot.  I'm not sure if you already use MPLAB and such.

With MPLAB though, you can get C18 compiler, which is what I use.  So you can program in C peticualrly for the p18xxx set of chips.

I actually have a development board that I can burn my programs onto the chip.  I doubt you want to spend $150 though.  Let me get back, I have to go take a quick test.  Stupid ACT studying   o_o   Gotta get into CMU though  ;D

I found this.. and it looks awesome!

The programmer supports loads of different MCUs even from different vendors. PICs and AVRs.
And there is a feature called UPAL which allows the user to create algorithms to enable the programmer to be able to program the newest MCUs.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Any comments?


I am having difficulties finding surface mount components from UK suppliers for this programmer circuit...

Has anyone any tips? Seems like everyone is only stocking axial resistors and big capacitors  :(


EDIT: Found one haha. www.rapidonline.com

One thing is.. they are charging about £3 for a pack of 100 SMD capacitors. I only want a couple of each! Does anyone sell in smaller quantities?

EDIT EDIT: I was looking at the branded packs... The others were cheaper: about £1 a pack of 100.

Were you looking for a program or hardware? 


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