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This question requires knowledge of Linux Apache Tomcat Server.

I have a website with domain name for instance: www.robotronics.org
However this site is only for HTML and Javascript.

I have a Java J2EE site on the same domain name but you can't get to it unless you type the port:

How can I get the domain name www.robotronics.org to point to the Java J2EE site without having to type in the port 9080 and the directory Robotronics?

I found one site that gives some ideas on how to do it -->

Using Tomcat 5.5 and Apache HTTP Server Version 2.2

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Never mind, the questions above. The temporary J2EE site is up at the correct URL and I have no further questions at this time.
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You can do it with a mix of redirects and also by changing the default deployed application on Tomcat.
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