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Hello everyone, I am posting in the hopes that someone who loves Robots may also think it would be a wonderful opportunity (which it is, I do it myself) to host a high school student for 6 weeks up to 10 months while they come to high school in the USA. We are always looking for families with similar interest and who may see the value of sharing cultures as well as hobies and making friends for life from across the globe. I have attached Zhang's letter in the hopes of finding a host family. We are a governement sponsored non-profit High School Cultural Exchange Programme (www.edutrav.org) and I hope some of you may contact me for further information as I really do hope Zhang can come and be with the right family. Thanks for reading.

Thank you to take some time to read this letter. ZHANG  is my Chinese name. My English name is Tony. I'm a student from the Middle School Attached to Northem Jiaotong University. I will go to your beautiful country and start my Academic Year Program which will last for one year. I sincerely hope that you can offer me a chance to be a part of your life, to be your friend and a member of your family.

As a foreigner, I really need you as my teacher. The most important goal of my trip is learning American culture and history, learning communicating with American in English, learning surviving in another country, a totally strange place for me. To achieve this object, I can't live without the help from you. You will be the best teacher I ever have.

I am interested in Physics, Chemistry and Economy. I am in the Robot club of the school love it and participated in a Physics contest. I like playing the piano, drawing and cooking. My favorite musician is Tchaikovsky. I am good at making dumpling. I usually help my parents prepare dinner for my family; I hope I can also have the chance to cook for you. I like sports such as skiing, swimming, playing ping pong ball and camping. Every winter, my friends and I go to countryside to ski and have a good time.

I want to bring Chinese style friendliness and passion to your home and try to establish a culture exchange environment. While learning from you, you may gain some knowledge of Chinese culture, society and history from me too. I believe we will get to know each other and become good friends.

I will do what ever I can to fit in your family as soon as possible. Consider your feeling, respect your custom, help to do the housework I could, deal with my own life and get along well with all the family members, I will try my best to be a qualified member and not bother you.
 In the end, I sincerely hope that you can accept me as a part of your family, to bring brand-new changes and happiness to my life and yours. You will be a witness of my growing, and I will make the best efforts to let this year be a wonderful memory of yours too.

Hoping to see you soon!


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