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College project. Questionaire
« on: April 09, 2010, 08:25:38 AM »
Hi guys, Im doing a college project about the robotics market. If you could please fill this questionaire out I would be very grateful. Thank you again.

1.   Which forum, message board or group do you belong to?
2.   Country of robotics practise?
3.   What is your current age?
4.   How many years have you currently been interested in the hobby of robotics
5.   Which website(s)/ shop(s) do you purchase your robotics hobby materials
6.   What is your weekly budget for robotics hobby materials
7.   How much are you willing to spend on specialist equipment, for instance a 3D Printer or a CNC Router?
8.   Have you seen a difference in the amount of people interested in the robotics hobby over the past 3 years?
9.   If yes to above how would you describe the growth Slow, Medium or Rapid?
10.   What attracted you to start or rekindle your interest in robotics?
11.   How many hours a week do spend practising robotics?
12.   Is there a need for a 3D printer in your field of hobby?
13.   If yes to the above question, how much are you willing to spend on such equipment?
14.   When was the last time you spent over £150 pounds on robotics materials?

Thank you very much for filling this out.

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Re: College project. Questionaire
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2010, 06:57:43 PM »
1. Society of Robots only
2. United States
3. 18
4. 2-3
5. Mouser and Digikey for most parts, misc other sites for specialty parts.
6. No weekly budget. I buy robot parts whenever I have extra cash.
7. I'm a cheapskate so maybe 200 dollars for a cheap CNC/lathe/scope/whatever.
8. The amount of people has definitely increased.
9. I'd say that it's medium. Robots definitely aren't mainstream yet but I see clubs popping up.
10. I'm a modder/hacker by hobby so naturally I was drawn to robotics.
11. I don't think "practice" is the right word. I've never tracked how much I work but it's a lot.
12. Not me personally. I usually don't design something that requires crazy parts but if I did I think I'd rather have a cnc machine.
13. N/A
14. the most I've ever spent on a tool is 180 bucks (~120 pounds) and that was a smd soldering station.
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Re: College project. Questionaire
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2010, 09:01:29 PM »
1. Society of Robots is the only one I frequent
2. US
3. 23
4. Practical: about 1, Interested about 20 years :p
5. Mouser/Digikey for the most part but also several others like Lynxmotion or Robotshop for specific parts
6. Not as much as I want it to be. If I divide what I allot for robotics up, it would be about $5-$10 a week at the most.
7. None right now, college eats the money I'd spend on such things. I'd love to be able to get a CNC system for about 200-300 but I have to eat (sadly).
8. Can't really say. My awareness of the field has grown and so I have noticed more in the field. But I cannot say if the field itself has.
9. N/A
10. This site. I was bored one day and stumbled on the $50 robot. Then I bought an Axon. It kept growing from there.
11. Ideally at least 10, but I usually only get an hour or two here and there.
12. Possibly. I haven't gotten to the point where I need to make my own high quality parts. I think I'd rather use a nice 3d CNC machine so I can make items out of plastics or metals.
13. No clue on what the cost range would be.
14. January as a holiday gift to myself. I purchased 18 HS-645MG for use in a hexapod.

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Re: College project. Questionaire
« Reply #3 on: April 11, 2010, 05:58:35 PM »
1.   Society of Robots is the only one I frequent
2.   uk
3.   19
4.   on and off for years, most of it in the last year or so. chemistry physics and maths got boring.
5.   speciality, couple of ebay stores for large quantities of resistors/leds ect, anywhere that has what I need/want
6.   Whatever I can afford
7.   I spent practicaly £400 on a case with some tools, powersupply and a signal generator as it suits me to have a protable case with this stuff in. If I have the money and a need, Id spend it.
8.   not a clue. don't pay attention. but more forums and groups appear. though that may have more to do with the growth in the internet.
9.   medium
10.   bomb squad robots. its kind of a sadistic thing with what horrible job can I make a robot do now..
11.   Im doing a degree in it, I work for a company in desgining prototypes and proof of concept systems, I do it as a hobby. errr, a lot? 50 hours plus?
12.   probably. though I tend to get parts like that made up for me. cause Im lazy. or stick to plastic and balsawood, expanding foam(really cool stuff!) ect.
13.   nothing, yet. market value if/when I need one.
14.   couple of weeks ago


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