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I'm new to robots, and have no idea what I'm getting myself into.  So I bought a Denso robotic arm off of Ebay, and plan to use it to do some polishing projects that I have.  Before I bought the arm Denso said they had a training course I could attend in California, after I bought the arm Denso said they will not provide support for products not purchased directly from them.  This stinks...  the main reason I purchased the arm was because the desno folks said I could pay to take the training course and in two days I should understand enough to get things started. 

Anyway,  I'm curious if anybody out there has ever programed a denso robotic arm, and if you have could you pleae give me some idea of where to start with programing this arm.  Can I teach it everything it needs to know with the teach pendend?  What language will I need to program this thing? 

Thank you

Hmmm how much did you manage to pay for it? What particular arm did you get? Have the manual?

I havnt programmed a denso arm in almost 3 years now. It isnt that hard actually to program the arm . . . I remember having difficulty until I got some sample code, then I just reverse engineered it. I got the arm to type the time into my keyboard real-time so it showed up in a text file.  ;D

You can program everything you want through the pendant, but I wouldnt recommend it. It has a bad user interface in my opinion. Best if you program it on your computer and then upload the program to the arm.

This is a homework assignment similar to what I had to do when I first used the arms:
It might help a little . . .

A lot of times if you tell companies that you are a student wishing to develop systems with their product they will provide support/training since they hope youll continue to use and actually pay them for something.
Also remember it is a fairly strong/fast arm that can cause serious damage either to you or to its sorroundings.


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