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Simple PID Library For Arduino
« on: April 14, 2010, 10:29:39 AM »
The PID-Library:


I've been looking around on google etc on the subject of PID programming in Arduino. All the libraries and examples i found were way to advanced for someone just starting with PID and programming.

So, last night i got a little bored and made a simple and easy-to-use PID library that everyone can easily use. While writing the library i had the 'beginners' (That includes me :D) in mind. You can easily use the libraries functions in the Arduino IDE. And with very basic understanding of programming, you should be able to read the header, and source file to understand the basics of how a PID works.

You should understand how to use the library by reading the comments in the header file.

I hope you guys can put this to good use, and if you have any questions at all about the library, feel free to ask. There are no stupid questions, just stupid answers :)

This is the very first version of the library(Version 1.0). And the very first one I've written :P. so if you find any bugs, or have suggestions on how to improve it. Please let me know, just keep in mind that i want this to stay as simple as possible for the 'beginners' out there :)

All feedback is appreciated and will be answered :)


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