Author Topic: Datasheets for these stepper motors ?  (Read 5912 times)

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Datasheets for these stepper motors ?
« on: April 14, 2010, 06:08:15 PM »

Can some please help me with the data sheets of the stepper motors I have ? I attached the pics of those motors with this message (I think you can see the pics only after you login with your id and passwd, atleast thats how it is working for me). Here is what I see on each motor:

1) I found this uni-polar stepper motor in a hobby shop and its face plate has
    a. 061-015
    b. STP-25N148LVE
    c. 3609
    e. COM-3
    (ignore 12V, 7.5deg written on it, I wrote it down after looking at but I am not sure if that is correct).

2) I found this small motor in a floppy drive and its face plate has
    a. MSAP020S01
    b. DC5V S K (I guess this means it is 5volt DC)
    c. 5Y 30B0

I am hoping to find out all the details that can be found in a data sheet (similar to the ones mentioned in, esp. amperage. But googling hasn't helped much.

BTW, the one in floppy drive is very small and if you look carefully the wires are not what we typically use (its like copper linings on a PCB). Would it be wise to remove this and just solder normal wires for use with Arduino ?



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