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hey, not alot to do with robots but iv noticed alot of people on here are building or have bulit custom Pc's

im thinking of building one, i have heard that the Intel Core Duo Processor is fantastic and makes the pc much more efficient and faster

and its bloody hard to find on the net, its all motherboards and adverts!!

just wondering if anyone had build one using this processor and your opinion on it please  :P


Check benchmarks (eg: before buying. As it turns out, the core duo is the fastest thing at the moment (well, the quad core ones are even better, but prohibitively expensive).

Finding them shouldn't be a problem... You should look on sites that sell hardware... That's, etc...

ed1380:   (beware as some of the mod's are stupid and will restrict you for crap, and by no chance ever express humor. it has gotten me restricted twice. the second one will expire in about 10 months.)
yes the c2d is a beast. got one and loving it.

whats the difference between the Pentium D dual core and the Intel Core 2 Duo?

Obv the Intel Core 2 Duo is better but is there much difference as a faster Pentium D Dual proccessor is cheaper than a slower Intel Core 2 Duo one ??


you can get a 4300 for ~$160. clock speed for clock speed a C2D is 40% more efficient. so 40% faster and cooler.
my setup is: s3, 6400, crucial 6400 cas 4 ram, 7600gt. works great and I love it.


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