Author Topic: Everyone please tell me what kind of job you do with your Robotic skills?  (Read 1211 times)

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Hi everyone, as you may know im new to this forum and under 25 years old. I love learning and only new to Electronics and I was recommended this forum, Im wondering what is your occupation? I have this impression you guys have awesome jobs designing and working with Robots, so tell me please and how long you been into electronics and Robots?


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I have been designing circuits since I was 10 and I was big into lego mindstorms from age 12 on.

Now I work for the US Navy in robotics.

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I'm a hobbyist although one day I'd like to make a living off robots. I guess you could say I specialize in electronics and linux although I'm not a real expert in either.

Just a side note, look for electronics books at yard sales. Why pay 40 bucks when you can spend a dime?
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I was a computer technician in Romania, but in the States and now in Canada I work in constructions, as is better payed. No university degree, just self taught hobbyist. I have started to experiment with electronics when I was in mid school and I learned some mechanics in school. So I know a bit about all fields in robotics, but my weakest point is programming. About 8 years ago I found Lego Mindstorms RIS and I was hooked. I started to design my own boards when I got tired of the RIS limitations. But now, the new NXT is tempting me sometimes to get back to Lego. If only there were similar competitions in Toronto like we had in Ann Arbor, MI. Oh well, I don't have a good enough reason to spend that much on a NXT kit when I still have 2 RIS kits. Anyway, I am a real fan of Arduino platform, as I can make my own boards and use their environment to program my robots with ease. Mean while, Webbotlib is getting better and better and soon will become the best way to program the robots.
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