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Stupid AVRStudio error


I have an annoying and dirty problem with AVRStudio:
I just install it, open the program, > New Project> Finish and it gives me the following error:


(hope i'll see the image)

Anyway... I guess not: here's the text : "AVRStudio MFC Application has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Can anyone tell me what's happening?!?  :(

I've rezolved it! The problem was that WinAVR was installed in a directory which had in the path # symbol.
Hope this will be the only error... :) but I guess it's impossible... :D

hmmmm your image link doesnt work . . .

for future ref, just click 'additional options' and attach the file

you have no idea how many problems i had with AVR studio . . . i wasted like a day just to figure out a space in a file name stops it from working blaaaaaaaah :-\


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