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Hi friends.

i need you helps. i have to solve below questions. anybody can help me?

best regards.


Design and implement an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) robot with the following properties:
a.   Having two wheels connected to geared bipolar stepper motors with the ratio of 1/5 (wheel/shaft) on a straight axis and two ball casters at front and backside of the robot (wheel’s diameter is 100 mm), axis length is 200 mm.
b.   Shaft encoders per wheel with 8 bits accuracy per rotation.
c.   Planning to traverse a trajectory for 120 degrees of a circle with radius of 500mm. and then going straight for 1000mm.
d.   Three line following sensors and an electronic compass for deviation avoidance (in a cascaded loop)
e.   A digital camera as radar installed on a servomotor
f.   An infrared range finder with analog output connected to 10bit ADC with 0-5v analog range up to 80 cm with linear ratio

1)   What are trajectory sizes in terms of pulses in t1 (curve) and t2 (straight) phases for L/R wheels?
2)   What is total trajectory length?
3)   Considering the equation of motion for radar turning around Z-axis for 60 degrees, present the mapping matrix with respect to the body of the robot.
4)   Draw block diagram of the hybrid cascaded control mechanism for deviation avoidance.
5)   Draw electronic diagram for the entire robot based on a microcontroller with 4 I/O ports (Port A is also acting as ADC)
6)   Write software pseudo codes for following functions:
a.   Move_Wheel(Wheel, Pulses)
b.   Move_camera(Angle) //servo domain is 180 degrees
c.   Read_Range_Finder()
d.   Adjust() //Deviation Avoidance
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