Author Topic: What exactly JST female connector and pins do I need for Sharp IR range finder?  (Read 1147 times)

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Hi everybody,

Does anyone know what exactly JST connector uses Sharp IR range finder. Already checked about 5 different datasheets but didn't say what the connector is. There are pre-crimped cables sold on-line but they cost £2 each + delivery. UK shop would do best (less $$$££££ for delivery), but digi-key and mouser also can do. I need the female pins and housing.

Thank you all

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You can always solder wires straight onto it rather than use a connector
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He-he thought so, but that is profanation
btw might do it this way

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It is a now standard 2mm spaced latching connector. Google will find many sources.

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I just solder regular 1/10" pinheaders in, then I don't need strange connectors (you may be able to find the JST connectors connectors in old VCR's or photocopiers etc. made in Japan)
JST is a Japanese standard.

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