Author Topic: Problem programming using AVRISPmkII under AVRDude/Eclipse/Windows  (Read 3344 times)

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I'm having trouble using the AVRISPmkII programmer with Eclipse.
The error message I'm getting is attached as a PNG file. 

I would like to consolidate my IDE's on a Windows XP machine,
by using Eclipse with the necessary plug-ins.
(That's why I'm not simply using AVRStudio.)

I've downloaded the AVR plug-in, I've set up Eclipse to use it,
and I've sucessfully compiled C-code to an AVR .hex file all
from within Eclipse. 

But I can't seem to be able to program the AVR chip from
Eclipse using the AVRISPmkII programmer.

The error I get says that the port for the programmer
is being blocked. I've tried to make sure no other
program is using the port by running only Eclipse
by itself.

I've also tried removing the Jungo driver and
replacing it with the libusb-win32 "filter" driver.

I've also tried setting up the AVRISPmkII
programmer to use the port "USB" instead
of the defaulted "com1".
(I also don't understand why the AVR-plugin is
defaulting the AVRISPmkII to use "com1".) 

I am consistenly getting the same (or similar) error,
no matter what I try.

Does anyone know where I am going wrong?


P.S.: Quick summary of my setup:
Windows XP 32-bit,
Eclipse C/C++,
AVR plug-in,
WinAVR (contains AVRDude),
libusb-win32 "filter" driver 


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