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Hi, im new to all this robotics buisness but was wondering if i could have a question anwered.
What i wanted to kno was if you purchase a remote control with added servos can are the servos used on each of the different remote control channels or can they be used together on one so that they can be used for stering whilst driving?
It probally sounds like a silly question but it would be much appriciated if it could be answered!
Thanks :D

Each servo is on a different channel, meaning they can each be controlled independently.

On your remote control, one button can be used for forward motion, while another can be used for steering. They can each operate at the same time, yet do different things.

It is also possible, if you wire it in the right way, to get two servos to operate together and do the same thing at the same time (just connect the signal wires together).

Hope that helps . . .


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