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The vacantion is here soon, and I'm trying to learn electronics because I want to build a robot, that is a RC Car, like you see in "Robot Wars" but without weapons.
First, I want to make the chasis, for which I thought aluminium is a good candidate. The car should have 4 wheels, and the steering to be easier for me( I think ) I want to make it tank-like, not using a servo. The thing is I don't have an ideea how the motors(1 motor for each 2 back wheels) will be connected to the wheels, because they also need to be geared down for torque(right?).
If you guys can help me with some ideas, links or some howto of similar robots it would be great.

Last but not least I'm sorry for my poor english ( english is my foreign language)

Thanks in advance.

Later edit:
Also, can someone tell me a very used and easy to learn(not a must) CAD ? I want to design them on computer first. (I hope it won't be that hard to learn it ...)

Google: google sketchup, it's a very easy 3D building program where you can design your own robot or whatever u want for that sake easely. And the greates thing: iTS FREE! ;D its soo easy 2..
And for the motor problem. If you have 2 wheels 1 turn forward and 1 turn backward. If you have 4 wheels 2 move forward and 2 moves backward,  im not really sure off how to connect the electricion. Im still working on that myself.

Tips: Order a robot kit. From example They show u step by step how to fix up the entire robot. Im going to order one of those myself!

well, I was not talking about how to wire the motors electrically, but how to connect them with the wheels and on chasis.

Sounds like an RC tank (includes closeups of drive train):


no, I just want the steering to be tank like: to turn left you accelerate the right motor and brake the left one.


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